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A bowl full of organic delicious honey rotating on a turntable - cooking ingredient
Spreading whipped white cream on a delicious sponge cake - Homemade cake
A street food vendor making Malpuas - deep frying in hot ghee. Local Rajsthani Food
A local food vendor in a casual dress deep frying the Malpua in ghee. Local regional food
Bowl of delicious rice pudding with slices of mango
Bowl of delicious rice pudding with a bowl of white rice - Eid feat
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 7th September 2021, A street vendor wearing casual clothes steaming a plate of Momos in a steamer
A woman decorating a glass of delicious buttermilk with rose petals
Hungry Indian girl eating / tasting noodles at home - tasty food
Indian chef's hand sprinkling dessert muffins with powdered sugar on a glass table
Powdered sugar is being sprinkled / dropping on freshly baked slices of bun
Human hand pouring honey on crispy biscuits with small particles of sugar
Appetizing homemade muffin on a white plate rotating on a turntable - tasty sweet
Female pouring hot milk into a cup to make delicious tea at home - Indian chai
Female hand adding saffron / Kesar to a bowl of delicious rice pudding at home
Preparation of Indian dessert - Sabudana Kheer in an Indian home during festival
Red sauce flavored fusilli pasta falling on a plate - traditional Italian recipe
Rotating bowl full of spicy Indian vegetarian Biryani - delicious famous food
Homemade vegetarian Biryani served with Raita, Chutneys, and fresh salad
Time-lapse shot of finishing a dry Moong Dal Kachori kept on a ceramic plate - Street Food India
Freshly prepared hot tea served with crunchy and delicious biscuits for breakfast - Indian Chai
Stop motion shot of delicious homemade cookies arranged nicely in a pattern - Time lapse shot
Stop motion shot of freshly made popcorns popping in a non-stick frying pan
Delicious popcorns falling on a pile of popcorns kept together on a table
Beautiful hand of a woman holding an exotic Litchi fruit - a delicious dessert
Tilt view of a bunch of juicy and ripe Lychees nicely placed against a colored background
Portrait of a cheerful boy wearing a yellow T-shirt eating a slice of tasty pizza
A delicious healthy vegetarian sandwich kept on a plate rotating on a turntable