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Bokeh lights on Diwali celebration - Indian girl decorating a flower Rangoli with white flowers - auspicious occasion, festive season
Diwali preparations by Indian family - Diwali decorations, Colorful festive background, Diwali Puja, Hindu festival
A cheerful girl hugging her parents - Indian couple, Indian home, Indian family posing for the camera, Diwali decorations, Festive background
Diwali preparation - An Indian man and his wife doing Diwali decorations, Hindu festival, floral decoration
A beautiful middle-aged lady holding a bunch of marigold flowers in a basket - Diwali decorations
A well-lit clay lamp kept near the idols of Lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi - Diwali celebrations
Middle-aged husband-wife feeding sweets to each other on a festive occasion
A cute adorable girl hugging her father - Love and Bonding with parents
Bonding between Indian mother and her daughter - embracing her daughter, Diwali
A middle-aged couple decorating a Rangoli with well lit colorful Diyas at home
A happy woman in an ethnic dress clicking a selfie on the Hindu festival of Diwali
Happy siblings playing a hand-clap game together while sitting on the floor
Happy brother and sister decorating a Rangoli with rose petals and white flowers
Closeup shot - Henna mehndi/tattoo on woman hand doing Diwali decorations
Sad and depressed Santa Claus in glass spectacles waiting for Christmas celebrations in India
Bokeh shot of an unemployed Santa Claus waiting for his Christmas job during Christmas season
Bokeh shot of a happy Santa Claus preparing for Christmas presents using a laptop
Happy Santa Claus offering a special gift box to the camera on Christmas Eve in India
Old Santa sitting on a couch with colorful Christmas presents during Christmas time
Funny Santa Claus taking selfies on his smartphone during Christmas celebration
Sad and upset Santa Claus suffering from a severe headache on Christmas Eve in India
Old Santa in glass spectacles waving goodbye after celebrating Christmas in India
Happy Santa Claus celebrating Christmas while blowing up confetti near a Christmas tree
Smiling man in Santa Claus hat opening a surprise gift box on Christmas in India
Beautiful woman making a list of new year resolutions with Christmas decorations
Beautiful Indian mother and son enjoying a perfect fun day during Christmas season
Cute little daughter and her father spending a perfect Christmas holiday in India
Small Indian girl enjoying drawing with her dad while lying together in the tent - Christmas fun