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Female's hand keeping a half-eaten ripe plum with the other fruits in the basket - Indian summer fruit
Fresh plum drink decorated with a slice of lemon and an ice cube pouring in a glass - Indian summer fruit
Plum juice decorated with a slice of lemon and mint leaves poured in a glass
Fresh coriander leaf / Dhania falling on a plate of white rice with green chilies
Summer refreshing drink Sattu being decorated with a sliced chili in a glass
Cool Indian Rajasthani drink Jaljeera pouring in a clear glass - a refreshing summer drink
Pouring of soda water with ice cubes and watermelon pieces in a clear glass
Healthy watermelon drink pouring in a clear glass decorated with a fruit piece - Summer fruit India
Soda water falling in a glass jar filled with pieces of watermelon, ice, and mint - Summer fruit India
Raw mango lemonade with ice cubes and mint leaves pouring in a glass jar - Summer drink in India
Assorted delicacies decorated together with some fresh fruits in the background
Female baker taking a spoonful of pastry from a plate - a delicious dessert
Pouring of glazing liquid chocolate frosting on a slice of white cream cake
Pouring of hot chocolate syrup on a black forest pastry topped with cherries
Tutti frutti falling on a cream cake decorated with fresh pineapple and oranges
Woman's hand taking a spoonful of spongy cream cake - a delicious dessert
Camera focus on a slice of creamy sponge cake decorated with fresh fruits
Two youngsters celebrating Holi festival by putting Gulal Tilak on foreheads
Beautifully decorated table for Holi festival celebration
Portrait of young Indian girl reading a book while sitting in a decorated room
Side view of an Indian woman sadly gazing upwards during the festive season
Famous Indian meal of steamed rice and dal makhani served with salad and pickle
Sisters/friends enjoying with a north Indian bride on a floral decorated stage
Indian bride in a wedding dress with her sister and friend - Happy and smiling
Indian bride typing on her mobile on a floral-decorated stage - Hindu marriage
Beautiful north Indian bride in a red wedding dress - Mehendi decorated hands
Beautiful young female happily turning towards the camera with a Puja thali
Bokeh shot of a pretty Indian girl smiling while holding a decorated puja thali