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Mother and father happily caring for their newborn child - parenthood
Indian village mother putting her newborn baby to sleep - mother and child moment
Little son hugging his pregnant mother's belly with love and smile - new life concept
Cute girl in her early twenties listening to her favorite music sitting on the sofa
Cute little village schoolgirl happily playing with a paper airplane at home
Village scene of an Indian mother happily teaching her little daughter at home
Indian father happily teaching new things to his daughter on a digital laptop
Village scene of an Indian farmer teaching his daughter on a digital laptop
Village scene of Indian parents happily embracing their cute little daughter
Village scene of a young school girl writing the Hindi word "Shiksha" on a slate
Village scene of an Indian girl reading her school book while sitting on the floor
Young village girl saving/collecting Indian rupee coins in a golden money bank
Indian village daughter happy with money saved in a piggybank for education
Cute little girl happily playing with her father on a tree swing during leisure time
Portrait of a little village girl happily showing a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers
Cute Indian kid/child happily blowing soap bubbles in a mustard/Sarso field
Young village girl proudly swinging the Indian flag while standing in a mustard farm
Portrait of a beautiful village girl happily holding a burning Diya - Diwali festival
Village scene of an Indian family happily doing aarti / arti - Puja at home
Young village girl happily putting a coin in her money bank - savings concept
Indian couple happily posing while capturing selfies during the festive season
Close-up shot of a little daughter showing love and care towards her father
An Indian father in the living room is upset with his daughter for not eating food
Indian father teaching his little daughter on the laptop - modern teaching concept
Indian father scolding his little daughter for making mistakes in her studies
Father and daughter taking selfie on mobile while spending free time together
Indian dad and little girl playing in their living room - happy family
Little Indian daughter trimming her dad's beard with an electric trimmer