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Closeup shot of bride and groom's playing games during a post-marriage ritual
Sisters of bride and groom happily sitting with them during their marriage
Indian bride and groom taking wedding Phera / rounds around the sacred Hawan fire
Young Punjabi groom dancing in Bollywood style on his marriage - Indian wedding
Friends throwing flower petals on bride and groom during their Jaimala ceremony
Attractive Indian bride and groom exchanging wedding garlands on stage
Jaimala ceremony - Attractive groom putting floral garland on the bride's neck
Young Indian bride happily putting a flower garland/Jaimala around the groom's neck
Cheerful Indian man happily looking towards the camera on his marriage day
Young Indian man taking blessings from his father on his marriage day
Young Indian bride lovingly hugs her father on her wedding day - Hindu wedding
Beautiful bride holding red and white wedding garland - Indian marriage rituals
Portrait of a beautiful Indian bride wearing a red lehenga on her wedding
Village lady applying Mehendi on child's hand - mother-daughter bonding
Young village housewife supporting Shiksha for all - education concept
Small daughter of a villager applying Mehendi/Henna on her mother's hand
Pretty village woman adjusting her saree Pallu/Ghunghat while sitting in the kitchen
Portrait of an Indian girl in a school uniform holding a piggy bank with books
Handsome man gifting gold bangles to his beautiful wife on the Diwali festival
Smiling young girl getting ready in a traditional dress - Indian look
Hand of an Indian woman serving delicious Upwas food prepared for Navratri
Indian woman's hand placing a bowl of freshly made jeera aloo on a blue platform
Hands of an Indian woman placing a thali of traditional Upwas/fasting food
Zoom in shot of beautifully plated Navratri food platter placed on a blue surface
Slow-motion shot of an Indian woman's hand eating delicious Upwas/fasting food
Closeup shot of beautifully plated Navratri thali/platter rotating on a turntable
Hand of an Indian woman placing a bowl of Chaulai Laddu in Navratri food platter
Woman's hand keeping mint leaves on the freshly cooked Sabudana Khichdi