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A middle-aged unhealthy hungry man enjoying a variety of snacks at home - munching time, junk food, junk snacks
Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, India, 9th September 2022, A Phuchka seller in selling Golgappas to his customers - street vendor, street food, unhygienic
Milk is poured into a transparent glass for breakfast - rich in nutrients, calcium, vitamin D
Female hand dipping a toasted rusk in a glass of warm milk - breakfast, dairy products, gluten-free, lactose-free
Plate full of Lohri items like rewri, gajak, murmira ladoo etc rotating on a turntable for Lohri celebration in India
Beautifully served Lohri items consumed on the Lohri festival during wintertime
Indian woman hands placing a bowl of peanuts on a wooden table surrounded by Lohri items like bhujia chikki, murmura ladoo, gajak roll, popcorns, etc
Closeup shots of peanuts, popcorn, gajak, peanuts chikki, rewri etc rotating on a turntable - Lohri festival, Makar Sankranti
Closeup shot of homemade Indian sweet in terracotta bowls - Lohri Festival
Beautifully placed delicious Lohri items rotating on a turntable - Punjabi's Lohri festival
Top view shot of plate full of various sweets rotating on a turntable for Lohri celebration and Makar Sankranti in India
Beautifully served Lohri items consumed on the Lohri festival during wintertime
Closeup shot of a woman's hand picking up freshly made murmura ladoo/Puffed Rice Ladoo during Lohri festival
Female keeping a decorative candle on a wooden table on Lohri festival - Indian festival, Indian snacks, Indian food, Indian culture
A female eating french fries with tomato ketchup - appetizer, deep fried, high cholesterol diet, sugary cola
Crispy crunchy French fries falling on a plate with a burger - fast food, American cuisine
Golden yellow crispy and crunchy cornflakes falling into the milk - healthy eating, rich in fiber
Crispy and crunchy cornflakes dropping into a white bowl - nutritious food
Milk is poured into a ceramic bowl with cornflakes - morning breakfast, healthy eating
Close shot of cornflakes falling in a pile - morning cereals, morning breakfast
A beautiful shot of cookie topped with jam dipped in a glass of warm milk
A basket full of heart-shaped cookies kept on the table - Evening tea snacks
A basket full of mouth-watering assorted cookies - baking concept
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Dry fruit stall in Trade fair, Business exhibition
A street vendor using plain flour batter wrapped in a muslin cloth to make Jalebis
Milk pouring in a white ceramic bowl of muesli breakfast cereals - healthy food
A North-Indian traditional food / Golgappe breaking into pieces on a paper plate
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 7th September 2021, A street vendor in a small shop pouring gravy with Kachori in a ceramic bowl