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A pretty girl with long black hair making the shape of a heart with both hands - love and care, valentines day
Professional jewelry designer designing handmade earrings in her workshop
A craftsman's hand painting the eyes of a clay statue of Hindu idol Ma Durga
Closeup shot of artist's hands designing clay idols for the Durga Puja festival
Indian artist shaping the hand of unfinished clay sculpture in his craft factory
Hands of an Indian artist making clay sculptures of Hindu idol Goddess Durga
Shot of an Indian potter making cement planter (Gamla) with float and trowel
Shot of a man making face of Durga idol with clay mud in his workshop
Workers making framework of Ma Durga Idol / murti with hay and bamboo sticks for Durga Puja
Shot of a worker making different shapes for Durga Ma idol by tying hay with rope
A worker preparing parts for making Ma Durga Idol with hay
Pan shot of a man creating the face of the Durga idol with clay
Closeup shot of Indian craftsman creating motifs on wood - traditional carving method, Tarkashi technique, antique architecture
Serious Indian employee typing on his laptop - working from home, remote work, millennial guy, freelancer working on a project
Smiling fit Indian man showing homemade salad bowl to the camera - healthy food, nutrient-rich, balanced diet
An educated government office - welfare schemes on laptops, computer education, creating awareness, Indian village home
A round dough ball falls on the flour creating a splash - wheat flour, cooking ingredient, organic flour
Young Indian food blogger / chef sharing an interesting egg recipe with her viewers
Craftsman's hands making a sculpture of Hindu God Kartikeya - Durga Puja festival
The unfinished clay idol of demon Asura being carved by an Indian artist for Durga Puja
Block Printing - Indian artisanal carver creating a wood block stamp
Block Printing - A craftsman is creating a beautiful design for printing block stamp
Block Printing - A group of men creating the design for printing block stamp
Tarkashi - Craftsman creating the design on a piece of wood with calipers compass
Slow motion shot of tomatoes falling on water on the ground and creating a water splash