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Portrait of a young guy taking off his medical mask - COVID
A general physician consoling a young patient after giving news about her disease
Alphabets made with wooden blocks - step by step learning. Kindergarten learning
A positive businessman working on a laptop showing a thumbs-up gesture
Modern well-groomed office executive adjusting his tie before a meeting
Modern villagers in their early forties discussing cultivation plans together
An Indian doctor in medical protective wear (PPE Kit) laughing and revolving in a chair
Indian female boxer wrapping her hands with bandage tape - self-defense
Indian woman football player bouncing the ball indoors - fit and active sportswoman
Young woman from Indian woman football team - Soccer player from India
Side view of a short-haired Indian lady working out while wearing an earphone
Indian muscular male in blue sportswear bouncing a soccer ball with hand indoors
Portrait of a bold Indian Punjabi man fixing his blue turban with a long steel hairpin
Portrait of a Sikh man fixing turban properly to groom himself before going out
Portrait of a Sikh Indian gentleman getting ready while looking into the mirror
Portrait of Punjabi businessman straightening his coat's collar while getting ready
Indian female cutting the word "Impossible" to read "Possible" using scissors
Closeup of woman hands changing the text from "I can't do it" to "I can do it"
A professional makeup artist is applying foundation on the face of a young Indian model
The young lady is done with her party makeup and checking her styling in a golden framed mirror
Gorgeous Indian model highlighting her cheeks with blusher - black background. Getting ready for a TV ad shoot
Stunning Indian ramp model applying light shade lip color using a brush - Black background
Beautiful model applying blusher on her face with a professional makeup brush - Fashion show backstage
Confident-looking engineer standing while facing sideways against a green screen
Confident Indian boy smiling while standing near a tree - relaxation concept
Portrait of a gymnast in blue clothes staring away from the camera - Indian athlete
Portrait of an Indian Sardar confidently looking into the mirror while wearing his turban
A Sikh gentleman fixing his blue turban while looking confidently to the mirror