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Beautiful girl's face is covered with organic colors on this colorful festival - Palms covered in colors, mixture of colors
Pink Holi colored splash on the Indian woman's face - Colorful, customs, funny
A young man putting colorful stones in a glass jar kept in a tray in a nursery
Professional jewelry designer putting a colorful thread around a bangle
Jewelry maker tying a colorful thread to keep the beads in a bangle intact
Woman's hand lighting decorative colorful Diyas for Diwali - Hindu festival
Woman hands writing 'Holi Hai' text on colorful Gulal during Holi celebrations in India
Woman hands writing 'Holi' text on colorful Gulal during Holi celebrations in India
Tilt shot of a decorated platform with colorful Christmas items - festive scene
Colorful flowers made using paper cutting along with big roses
Happy dad and his little son constructing a building using colorful blocks - Young father, Single parent, parenting
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Colorful stall at the business exhibition, Selling ladies Kurtis / suits
A young woman in traditional wear putting oil lamps on a colorful rangoli - Diwali
A rock pigeon is sitting on the wall - an Indian bird, a beautiful creature
Two beautiful sparrows sitting under a shade - avian, colorful birds
A teenage girl scrolling / browsing on her mobile during the festive season - diwali time, celebration
A pretty Muslim lady wearing a hijab decorating her girl-child's hand with Mehendi - a colorful paste, Eid celebrations, Henna
A cheerful Muslim lady giving colorful gifts / presents to her lovely little kids - an auspicious occasion, Eid celebrations
A little adorable schoolgirl brings a bouquet of colorful flowers for her mother - mother's day celebration, parent-child bonding
A cheerful adorable baby playing with many colorful balloons attached to a string - a happy childhood, baby development
A happy Muslim lady in an ethnic dress posing / clicking a selfie on her mobile - photogenic, a modern lifestyle
A cute baby girl learning to walk - Playing with a colorful balloon, happy childhood, freedom, a fun activity
A sweet little girl with a big bundle of colorful balloons - a happy childhood, helium gas, public park
Puducherry, India, April/2020 - Time-lapse shot of a Majestic sunset in Pondicherry - Colorful clouds, evening sky, cloudy sky, sky line
Puducherry, India, April/2020 - Colorful shirts hanging in the local shop - Street market, local stalls
Beautiful shot of the seascape from the beach - Vacation spot, ocean beach
Puducherry, India, April/2020 - A local cosmetic accessories stall on a road - Roadside bazaar, local market
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, April/2020 - Balloon dart toss carnival skill game series