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Closeup shot of woman hands washing fresh tomatoes under a tap in the kitchen
Handsome young boy thinking about his happy memories while lying in his bed
A young college boy laughing while chatting with his friends on a digital laptop
Relaxed Indian female drinking a delicious beverage while sitting in the living room
Portrait of a young girl using a medical mask during the Covid-19 pandemic time
Closeup shot of woman hands washing tomatoes and capsicums in a basket strainer
Woman hands slicing tomato and capsicum using a knife on a chopping board
Tilt shot of an Indian girl sanitizing her hands while working on her digital laptop
Closeup shot of an attractive young girl drinking from a glassful of freshwater
Closeup of a woman hands sanitizing her hands using a sanitizer - hygiene concept
Pretty Indian female calling someone from her smartphone - blurred background
Closeup shot - Hands with rubber gloves checking the temperature of a female
Cropped shot of Indian siblings celebrating the Raksha Bandhan festival together
Hands of Indian brother and sister celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan
Closeup shot of a young guy wearing a medical mask and protective face shield
Tilt shot of an Indian man posing while wearing surgical mask, shield, and gloves
Man putting protective white latex rubber gloves on his hands during Covid-19 pandemic
Low angle shot of a young man puts on protective gloves - Covid-19 pandemic
Male hands put on medical gloves to protect himself from coronavirus infection
Worker's hand with rubber gloves spraying sanitizer on the female customer's hands
Closeup shot - Hands of a medical worker measuring the temperature a young woman
Hands with rubber gloves cleaning the store's door handle using a tissue paper
Closeup shot of a cute little girl leaned against a table - boring lifestyle concept
A cute little girl playing with her fingers out of boredom - boring lifestyle concept
Medium shot of a cute little girl happily talking on a group video call via laptop
Medium shot - Cute young girl enjoying a slice of mango while sitting on a table
Closeup shot of a pretty young child adorably eating a slice of mango at home
Closeup shot of a cute little girl happily eating a slice of watermelon at home