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Beautiful shot of an excited woman showing a winning gesture towards the camera
Close-up of a woman smiling - yellow teeth, opening her mouth widely, fluorosis, need dental checkup, dental problem
Close-up of female with broad smile - perfect, healthy toothy smile, happy girl, toothpaste ad, dental doctor ad
Close-up of a man smiling: yellow teeth, tooth problem, unhealthy tooth, bearded man, teeth whitening problem
Closeup portrait of the eyes of a man - happy and surprised expressions
A woman offering prasad, fruits, vegetables, and other items and a Diya to pray sun God at a lake during Chhath Puja
Closeup shot of an Indian woman smiling at the ghat during the auspicious Chhath Puja celebration, Bihari woman, newlywed girl
Traditionally dressed woman and a man worshiping Lord Sun while standing in a river - celebrating Chhath pooja
A couple worshipping Lord Sun at sunrise and celebrating the Chhath Pooja - auspicious day, Bihari family, Bihar
Traditionally dressed man and a woman - Chhath pooja, worshipping Lord Sun, offering Prasad, offering water, Indian rituals
Traditionally dressed Indian couple worshiping God Sun - a celebration of Chhath Pooja festival, Bihari family, offering water
A traditionally dressed Indian woman in Chhath pooja attire is worshipping Lord Sun - Hindu festival, offering water
Shot of a woman posing for the camera while standing in a river - Chhath Pooja celebration, praying to Sun
Closeup shot of a woman applying sindoor in a ritual for Chhath Pooja - religious festival, offering prayer to Lord sun
Woman joining hands and praying to Lord Sun on the festival of Chhath Pooja - Chhath Mahaparv, Chath Puja rituals
Closeup shot of an Indian female lighting a brass Diwali lamp - Diyas during a festival, opening ceremony
Two women selecting their festive outfits - Diwali celebration, an auspicious day, fashion conscious Indian girls
Two sisters spending quality time together - sibling love, Indian sisters, Diwali celebration, festival celebration, modern girls
Indian woman wearing bangles holding diya - burning oil lamp, Diwali festival, festive season, offering prayers, puja at home
A pretty female in traditional dress putting a bindi on her forehead - Indian ritual, festival vibe, Indian festival season
A closeup shot female putting on a heavy maang tika - Indian women getting ready for a ceremony, Indian jewelry
Closeup shot of a woman painting Tiranga on her face with a wide smile -patriotism, cricket fan, sports fan, Indian fan, support for India
Closeup shot of a man with a tight hair bun painting Tiranga on his face with a wide smile - cricket fan, India fan, sports fan, football fan
Closeup shot of a man painting Tiranga on his face with a wide smile - cricket fan, India fan, sports fan, football fan, sports fan
Indian siblings watching a live cricket match on television - praying for team victory in tense moments, cricket fans, India losing
Cricket fans watching a live match at home - Praying for the victory of an Indian cricket team, female cricket fan
Tagore Gardens, New Delhi, India, 29th September 2022, An artisan painting on Ravan effigy for Dussehra festival
A young expectant mother suffering from pain during her pregnancy at home - need medical care