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Closeup shot of a couple holding hands with Christmas tree in the background with bokeh effect
Closeup shot of a sweet little infant with her father - sweet bubbly baby, cute kid, cute baby
Closeup shot of painting the National Flag - Tricolor in the flag
A smiling Indian mother soothing her unhappy little daughter - young parent, crying baby
Loving Indian mother holding and patting her little girl child to sleep - maternal care
Closeup shot of an attractive Indian girl smoking a cigarette - Taking a puff
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Traditional Kurtas/suits stall in a business exhibition
An Indian female kneading a soft dough to prepare a delicious cuisine at home
Round-shaped dough ball read for chapati
Delicious vegetarian burger prepared at home - Junk food, morning breakfast
Junk food - Vegetable burger. Vegetarian burger kept on the table
Lady adding a sugar cube into a cup of tea - Indian tea preparation
Closeup shot of a juicy Tarbooj with seeds kept on a wooden chopping board
A deliciously made homemade muffin is being decorated with whipped cream
Happy brother and sister waving their hands while talking on a video call
A young Indian girl greeting with a hello gesture while talking on an online call
Portrait of a teenage girl eating a banana - Healthy vegetarian food
A sweet little child with curly black hair holding a banana - nutritious meal
A beautiful girl with his young brother - Playing at home
An adorable kid holding a stethoscope in his hand listening to the heartbeat - Sibling bonding
Happy siblings using a tablet / smartphone together at home - bonding and relationship
A loving affectionate mother offering a glass of milk to her little son in the morning
Portrait of a smiling little boy with black hair playing with a magnifying glass
A little boy with curly black hair taking online classes during the COVID - 19 pandemic
A small adorable child with curly black hair studying at home on a desk
Portrait of a young school-going girl preparing for her final exams at night
A young couple posing happily for pictures with their sweet and adorable child
Elderly bearded man enjoying smoking a weed