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A cheerful little Indian girl playing with a plush teddy - closeup kids room. Childhood concept
A happy South Indian couple with their two young kids - family bonding, nuclear family, traditional dress, South India
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her affectionate mother - parent-child bonding, love and affection, young Indian mother
A happy Indian couple with their two kids chatting together in the living room - a small nuclear family, family bonding
A middle-aged man and an attractive woman in traditional clothes playing card games - a leisure time
Cheerful Indian brother-sister playing card games - a pack of cards, leisure time, fun time, bonding
A young aspiring male doctor posing for the camera - stethoscope, doctor dress code, health and medical, a medical worker
A cheerful family of an Indian village playing and having fun in the open field - family bonding
An Indian villager counting hundred rupees banknotes while standing near a tubewell - monthly salary, agricultural profit, Indian currency
A young college student using his mobile phone / smartphone - distant communication
A young teenage girl preparing for competitive exams - studying for exams, late-night study
A cheerful Muslim family in ethnic dress posing for a selfie together - Eid celebrations, family bonding, leisure time
A married Indian couple and their little daughter playing the fly away bird game together - Chidiya Udd, a childhood game
A cheerful Indian husband-wife drinking / sharing tender coconut water - a refreshing drink, a nutritious diet
A romantic boyfriend- girlfriend hold hands while walking together on a sidewalk - pedestrians, pavement
A cheerful adorable baby playing with many colorful balloons attached to a string - a happy childhood, baby development
Family picnic - Young Indian parents playing with their daughter, mother-daughter bonding, a fun game
A cheerful baby girl in the park with her young parents - father-daughter bonding, a piggyback ride, family picnic in a park
An affectionate father lifting up his cheerful infant - a happy childhood, relationship and togetherness
A handsome guy and a beautiful lady reading books together - a favorite pastime, knowledge and education
A cheerful village family enjoying playing together in their agricultural field - family time, family bonding
A middle-aged village husband feeding his beautiful wife - Indian village scene, tasty food, relationship and bonding
A middle-aged bearded Indian farmer with a shovel / Phawra in his green farmland - an agricultural tool
Cheerful villagers hugging their little kids while standing near a tubewell - parent-child bonding, love and affection
Cheerful siblings of an Indian village enjoying themselves with their feet dipped in water - playtime, a fun activity
College friends throwing colors up in the air while enjoying and playing Holi - organic colors, spring festival
Closeup shot of a pretty Indian girl wearing earrings during Holi celebration
A cheerful young man wearing a colorful hat talking on mobile at the Holi festival - leisure time