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An Indian married woman smiling and talking on the phone at home - independent village woman, modern villagers, rural life
An Indian farmer family with their daughter - small nuclear family, new tractor, rural people, villagers, desi lifestyle
Pretty Indian woman making the victory sign from her hands on the green screen - isolated, human expression, posing
A beautiful Indian girl pointing at the camera against the green screen - gesture of invitation, welcoming, expressing
Beautiful Indian model laughing in a bathrobe against the green screen - advertisement
Medium shot of a female model in bathrobe pointing something on the green screen - advertisement
Young female model in bathrobe points her fingers upwards - green screen, chroma shoot
Young Indian model highlighting the benefits of self care routine on green screen in bathrobe, chroma shoot
Green screen shot of a beautiful Indian model shooting for a skin care product - ad space, copy space
Portrait shot of a young Indian model comparing the benefits of a good skin care routine on green screen - cosmetology
Portrait shot of a beautiful Indian woman pointing at a product - bathrobe, green screen, chroma shoot
Portrait shot of beautiful Indian woman pointing something on green screen in bathrobe - copy space, ad space
Cheerful old aged rural Indian couple - rural lifestyle, desi couple, retro love, rich family, healthy, living life full size
An Indian male political party leader receives flowers from the elderly lady - democracy, Lok Sabha party member, government party
Half face shot of a grey hair old Indian man smiling brightly at the camera - grand father, senior citizen
Grey-haired old man dressed in formal wear giving a toothy smile - happy, grand father, father in law
A confident old Indian professor standing well dressed in formals outside a government school - aged man
A young smart man posing for the camera with a smiling face - happy facial expression, wheatish skin, brown man
Half-face portrait of a young Indian man smiling at the camera - big smile, happy man, wheatish skin, dark skin
Young Indian gamer playing online video game - professional gaming, gaming headset, neon
Indian young man looks excited - thrilled, euphoric, enthusiastic, winning streak
Indian young man gives a thumbs-up gesture while smiling towards the camera- encouragement, uplifting
Pretty Indian girl making heart-shaped gesture with hands - expression, valentines day, romantic expression, Asial girl
Funny Indian young woman playing with her hair - facial expressions, pout, smile, brown skin
Indian woman hand placing diya in front of Hindu Gods - Diwali, idol worship, festival of lights, religious ritual
Indian woman hand placing diya in front of Hindu Gods - Diwali, idol worship, festival of lights, religious ritual
Handsome Indian bachelor tasting hot home-cooked meal - tasty and delicious food, taste testing, domestic kitchen
Excited Indian woman throwing rose petals - Mehendi ceremony, traditional marriage, contemporary celebration