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Orange marigold flower petals falling on Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi - Ganesh Chaturthi
A female lighting a colorful Diya on the occasion of Diwali / Ganesh Chaturthi
Woman lighting colorful Diyas for the festive season - a Hindu festival
Woman lighting a brass Diya kept on a religious Pooja Thali for Ganesh Chaturthi
Lady offering marigold flowers to Lord Ganesha and Devi Laxshmi on Ganesh Chaturthi
Lord Ganesha statue decorated with orange and yellow marigold flowers - Hindu festival
Female hands offering her prayers to Lord Ganesha with an Aarti Thali on Ganesh Chaturthi
Female hand decorating a statue of Hindu God Ganesha with orange flower garland
A handmade clay idol of a Hindu God Ganesha for the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi
Female hands lighting a brass Diya kept on a Pooja Thali on Ganesh Chaturthi
Young Indian woman dressed in traditional saree and blowing the sankha (counch shell) for Ganesh pooja
Beautiful young Indian woman offering flowers to Lord Ganesh idol on Ganesh Chaturthi
Religious Indian woman decorating temple and Ganpati idol for Ganesh Chaturthi - Garlanding Ganesh Ji Idol. Colorful Festive Background
Cheerful Young Indian lady putting tilak on Lord Ganesh idol while praying - Ganesh Chaturthi
Beautiful Indian woman with flowers on pooja thali - celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Festival concept
Indian woman worshiping Lord Ganesha with Puja thali - Bhagwan Ji Aarti
Indian woman dressed in traditional wear worshiping Lord Ganesha
Indian woman turning towards the camera while folding her hands for namaskar - Traditional Indian greeting
Closeup shot of paintbrush and acrylic color - Painting Hindu God artifact - festival preparations, Diwali puja, Hindu rituals
Female hand keeping a brightly burning Diya near a clay statue of Lord Ganesha
Close shot of a decorated temple for Ganesh Chaturthi - Modak, Lamp, Sweets, and Fruits
Low angle shot of Lord Ganesha idol on Ganesh Chaturthi - Indian Festival
Overhead shot of an Indian female garlanding Lord Ganesha idol and praying on Ganesh Chaturthi
Shot of an Indian female's hand lighting up a diya / lamp for puja of Lord Ganesh Ji
A nuclear Indian family setting up the Ganesha statue on the festival - Murti Sthapana
Little girl offering garland to Lord Ganesha with her father - Praying and offering prayers in namaskar pose
A married woman burning diya for worshiping Lord Ganesha - Husband, Wife, and Daughter
Side close-up of Lord Ganesha's statue kept at home - Ganesh Chaturthi