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Medium shot of a serious middle-aged woman using a tablet at the home office
Side view shot of a beautiful Indian female doing work from home on a tablet
Side view shot of an Indian man's hands doing work from home on his laptop
Young man doing work from home due to the outbreak of coronavirus in India
Handsome man in shirt dressing up and adjusting the tie on the neck at home. Is going to work
Handsome Indian man getting dressed up for party looking in the mirror
Pretty Indian office girl doing card payment via her smartphone - technology concept
Attractive female entrepreneur happily doing her work at her fashion atelier
Young fashion entrepreneur confidently working at her self owned boutique
Indian colleagues discussing their upcoming projects and investment plans - Corporate sector
Middle age happy Indian couple sitting on the sofa - laughing, drinking tea, discussion about family matters
Mid age Indian woman talking on the phone. Shocked, Angry, Surprised expression
40 year old man having a phone call - Indian male sitting on the sofa
Romantic moment between husband and wife - Wife fixing his shirt
An Indian wife helps her husband settle his tie before going to work - Family, love, elegance
Shot of businesswomen checking the financial statement with a red coloured pen
An overworked Indian businessman feeling sleepy while working
Portrait of a young workaholic businessman doing his office work on a laptop
A middle-aged businessman working from home during the festive season
Portrait of a serious-looking female teacher taking online classes on her laptop
Portrait of a young Indian businessman doing his office work on his laptop
Female professional making notes during a conference call - WFH (Work from home) in COVID times
Indian male IT professional down important points during a virtual meeting - WFH (Work from home)
Middle-aged Indian businessman talking to a client while working on a laptop
Indian female talking on a video call on the laptop and making her notes
Smart businesswoman working online from home - remote working system
Young Indian office employee working on the laptop - work from home concept
Angry Indian man arguing on his smartphone - stressful lifestyle concept