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South Indian woman in traditional wear helping her daughter to get ready for the celebration of Diwali - lifestyle Family
Well-dressed South-Indian woman inviting her friends to celebrate Diwali festival over a phone call
Indian man shaking hands after the completion of the agreement - Village scene
Chemical processing on a metal part in a small manufacturing plant in India
Happy Indian manager showing their company growth report - Happy colleagues clapping and cheering
Young business people sitting at the table and discussing sales charts and graphs at the end of the working day
An ambitious and smiling boss with his employees. Appreciating his team for their achievements - Corporate office
Active customer support executives working in the office on a computer - Attending business calls
Female accountant discussing profit loss report with office boss. Teamwork, Office, Reporting
Business concept - Smart employees working in the office and discussing - IT Company
Young Indian man working late night and sipping coffee - Night Shift. Support Staff
Attractive business lady discussing work with office employee - Tough female boss at task
Tired businessman yawning while working late night in the office - Typing and making a business presentation
Exhausted businessman sitting in the dark office cabin / room - Working on a desktop system
Tired Indian man working late night in the office on the computer - Stressed Young Surd
Indian business sales team discussing strategy about their business goals - Sales meet in the conference room
Happy Indian manager with his colleagues discussing project success - Corporate Office
Indian manager having a meeting with his young employees in the conference room - Corporate Concept
Tired exhausted employee drinking coffee while working late night in the office
Young Indian office employee sleeping on the desk, working late night - office employee
Indian Modern Family in Metro City - Husband wife sitting together and using smartphone separately
Modern day couple - Indian husband and wife busy on smartphones. Disjoint family, Social Media Impact
Frustrated Indian wife - Husband trying to calm her down. Fight scene - Modern day issues with couples
Indian man having severe shoulder pain - Unable to work. Mid aged man medical condition
Happy Indian family sitting on the dining table - Spending time together. Family Concept
Indian father and son holding documents and discussion work - Paperwork, Finance, Home Loan, Legal Papers
Mid age husband and wife having dinner/lunch. Husband on a business call, disturbed wife
Happy Indian family at the dinner table having a good time with each other