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Pretty girls in nightwear sitting and discussing in their bedroom at night
Stressed old Indian woman / lady having bad thoughts while sitting in her bedroom
Happy young Indian couple having a great conversation in their bedroom
Indian boy and girl using their phones lying on bed before going to sleep - Technology in bedroom
An old Indian lady is putting on her eyeglasses and reading a book - a favorite pastime, hobby, weak eyesight, old age problems
An old Indian lady / an Indian grandmother is sleeping covered under a blanket - tiredness, sound sleep
A tired Indian mother is sleeping with her little kids in the bedroom at home - an Indian housewife, togetherness and bonding
A sweet little girl sitting on her mother's lap - mother-daughter bonding, family care, parenting
A young college student using his mobile phone / smartphone - distant communication
A married Indian couple and their little daughter playing the fly away bird game together - Chidiya Udd, a childhood game
A sick little girl suffering from cough and cold resting with her father in the bedroom - viral infection, seasonal flu
A sick young man having his medicines / tablet / pills with a glass of lukewarm water - healthcare and medical, winter season
A sick young man drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee at home - beverage, self-treatment, health and medical
A young student typing on his laptop while doing his college assignments - research work, internet connection
An attractive young man waving his hand while greeting people on a video call - distant communication, internet technology, modern lifestyle
A young charming male suffering from cough and cold while sitting in his bedroom - seasonal flu, viral infection
A handsome educated father helping his adorable son in completing his homework - Indian nuclear family in their bedroom
A sweet baby boy in casual clothes sitting alone in the bedroom at home
A sweet little baby boy learning to crawl lying down alone in the modern bedroom
A cute little adorable kid enjoying sitting on his mother's lap in the bedroom
A young mother talking to her newborn baby boy while relaxing at home - parenting, new parent, single mother
Young parents sleeping together with their sweet adorable baby boy at night
A caring Indian father sleeping with his cute adorable daughter in the bedroom
An attractive woman with a positive pregnancy test embracing her husband
A handsome guy and his beautiful pregnant wife hugging together in the bedroom
A young pregnant woman rubbing her stomach while talking to her unborn child
A beautiful expectant mother happily hugging the clothes of a newborn baby
A young and charming husband rubbing the stomach of his pregnant wife - pregnancy care