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Young doctor with a stethoscope holding pink breast cancer awareness ribbon
Pretty young lady putting on a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on her T-shirt
Indian girl showing heart symbol near a pink ribbon to support breast cancer awareness
A young girl holding a slate with the word Hope written on it for patients
A female medical worker with a stethoscope wearing a pink cancer ribbon
Woman with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon showing a heart symbol with hands
Young woman pointing to pink cancer ribbon on the T-shirt - breast cancer awareness
Modern Indian girl showing the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness
Pretty Indian girl watering the notes in plant pot - Saving money for future, Investment
Crystal clear whiskey glass kept on a table with ice cubes placed near it
Four big ice cubes dropped in an empty glass of whiskey against a white background
Big ice cubes dropping in a transparent glass of golden whiskey
Golden whiskey poured into a crystal clear glass from a brown bottle
A glass of whiskey placed near ice cubes against a white background
Rotating crystal glass of golden whiskey with big ice cubes filled in it
Racking shot of a glass of whiskey filled with ice cubes ready to drink
Beautiful view of a rotating glass of whiskey filled with big ice cubes
Golden whiskey in a rotating crystal glass with ice cubes dropping in it
Closeup view of fresh black tea pouring in a glass cup with a lemon slice
Flavored tea bag dipped in hot water to make a cup of aromatic green tea
Male's hand making a cup of green tea decorated with sliced lemon
Rotating cup of green tea decorated with a lemon slice kept on a jute mat
Male's hand picking up and putting down a cup of green tea against black background
Preparing a cup of green tea with different Indian spices
Young Indian woman happy and surprised to receive a gift from her husband
Time-lapse shot of melting a butterscotch flavor ice cream cone with caramel
Time-lapse shot of a standing toxic cigarette burning out against a dark background
Indian woman exhaling smoke from her mouth while smoking a cigarette