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Happy Indian house wife proudly showing her last month's salary - working woman, financially independent villager
An Indian married woman smiling and talking on the phone at home - independent village woman, modern villagers, rural life
A pretty married woman in traditional wear smiling and looking at the camera - village lady, rural concept, desi lifestyle, ethnic style
Portrait shot of an Indian girl showing her bicep on the green screen - bodybuilding, fitness, muscle gain
A portrait shot of an Indian girl pointing finger at the green screen - hand gestures, blank space
Pretty Indian girl trying to hear something on the green screen - hearing loss, isolated, deaf, human senses
Pretty Indian woman making the victory sign from her hands on the green screen - isolated, human expression, posing
A beautiful Indian girl pointing at the camera against the green screen - gesture of invitation, welcoming, expressing
Beautiful Indian female showcasing a dummy product - green screen, isolated, advertising, marketing, blank space
Young Indian woman putting coins in the piggy bank on the green screen - future investment, financial knowledge
A young entrepreneur adding money in the piggy bank on the green screen - financial stability, future planning
A young Indian news anchor delivering a speech on the green screen - television announcer, new reporter
Portrait shot of beautiful young Indian woman flaunting her glowing skin after a skin treatment - chroma shoot
Grey hair old Indian woman smiling cheerfully for the camera - senior citizen, aged woman, grand mother
Old age Indian grand mother with grey hair posing or the camera while wearing a saree - senior citizen
Grey hair Indian lady dressed decently in a saree posing and smiling on the camera - grand mother, mother-in-law
Mature old age man dressed in formal wear ready with his voter identification card to cast his vote in elections
4k video of upset, attractive young Asian woman showing thumbs-down sign gesture - expressing discontent
Portrait shot of a young Indian woman opening her eyes slowly looking into the camera
A young smart man posing for the camera with a smiling face - happy facial expression, wheatish skin, brown man
Indian man suffering with severe toothache-pain - tooth decay, cavity, unhealthy, dental problem, oral, poor oral health
Pretty Indian girl making heart-shaped gesture with hands - expression, valentines day, romantic expression, Asial girl
Funny Indian young woman playing with her hair - facial expressions, pout, smile, brown skin
A beautiful young Indian woman looking at the camera and smiling - portrait, closeup
A sick young boy is having his medicines with a glass of water - prescribed medications, hospital room, advanced medical facility in India
A sick Indian boy is doing a thumbs-up gesture while relaxing in the hospital - cheerful, wellness, approval
Heart monitor and medicines kept in front of it - sick teenage boy, oxygen mask, hospital bed, medical equipment, respiratory issues
Handsome Indian man stirring tasty food in a non-stick frying pan - mixing ingredients with wooden spatula, home chef