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Portrait of a smart boy covered under a blanket having medicines for toothache
Portrait of a young businessman in a yellow T-shirt having a severe headache - depression and insomnia
Portrait of a cheerful Indian man watching television relaxing after work in the evening
Smart young man having his morning tea / coffee sitting in the bedroom at home
Charming young man reading a storybook while sitting inside his bedroom
Portrait of a young clean-shaven Indian man reading his favorite storybook at home
Attractive Indian youngster talking on a video call while studying in a park
Attractive boy writing in a notebook while leaning against a tree in the park
Zoom out shot of young Indian man doing Vrikshasana/tree pose Yoga Asana
An attractive housewife happily talking and waving on a video call using her smartphone
Portrait of a father holding and hugging his charming girl child - caring parent
Young woman teacher teaching children online - e-learning classes during Covid pandemic
Young Indian homemaker puts a signature on an official paper - Insurance documentation
Portrait of a young girl waving her hands and making a video call at home
Lovely adult daughter giving the medicines to her sick elderly mother at home
A loving child presenting a surprise gift to her beautiful mom - mother's day concept
Young Indian couple with multicolor Gulal on face hugging each other in a park during Holi party
Indian lady with Gulal on the face with sunglasses during outdoor holi party
Friends making an online transaction using a bank card and laptop during Holi
Attractive Indian girl wishing Happy Holi looking at the camera during Holi celebrations
An attractive youngster with color on his face greeting his relatives on Holi
Beautiful woman feeding traditional Gujiya to an attractive male on Holi festival
Healthy drink - Happy adolescent girl having fresh white milk at home
Female professional making notes during a conference call - WFH (Work from home) in COVID times
A middle-aged bearded villager talking happily on mobile - modern Indian farmer
An attractive villager talking on her mobile at home - Independent village woman
Mother-daughter duo laughing and spending quality time - Indian village home
An Indian woman from a village stitching clothes on her old sewing machine - Working housewife