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Attractive woman in her twenties celebrating the Indian festival of lights - Hindu festival, festive mood, Diwali celebration, colorful decoration
Middle-aged Indian couple romancing - putting a rose on his wife's hair, festive mood, romantic couple
An attractive husband-wife in traditional attire clicking pictures - Diwali celebrations, Hindu festival
An attractive Indian couple wishing Happy Diwali on a video call - distant communication, warm greetings
A young man offering water during Puja ceremony at Pushkar religious lake - religious place, travel and tourism
Pushkar, Rajasthan, India, 10th November 2019, A handsome young man with local artisans at Pushkar Mela - greeting people, namaste gesture
A beautiful Indian housewife making her attractive daughter wear an orange headscarf
An attractive Indian sitting beside a tree and eating chocolate in a public park
Indian mother and her young daughter in a cobra pose on a Yoga mat - Morning exercise, fitness routine
A young Indian mother in a tracksuit teaching her teenage daughter to ride a bicycle
A cheerful girl in a traditional white dress running with tri-color balloons on Republic Day
A closeup shot of a young attractive female positively blinking her eyelids - eye closeup, half face
A young Indian housewife watching a live sports event on television - cheering for country, North East Indian
A young businesswoman / freelancer is working from home - remote job, hybrid work, home-based work, North East Indian girl
A modern Indian housewife is putting her card details while doing online shopping - e-commerce website, North East Indian girl
A beautiful young woman greeting in traditional Indian Namaste - North East Indian girl
Portrait of a cheerful working girl applying a pink lipstick - glamor, fashion and lifestyle
A cheerful Indian mother is playing hand-clapping games with her little daughter - a childhood game
A sweet little girl checking her mother's heartbeat with a stethoscope toy - nurse doctor role play
An Indian middle-aged Gujarati lady greeting in traditional Indian Namaste - smiling woman, Indian culture, traditional dress
An attractive middle-aged couple celebrating their love with a beautiful gift - Gujarati couple, anniversary gift, celebration
An attractive middle-aged Gujarati couple - quality time, relationship and bonding, a young couple, resting head on husband's shoulders
A married middle-aged Indan woman offering Khandvi - local regional snack, Gujarati cuisine, gram flour
A middle-aged Indian housewife posing for the camera - dressed in traditional dress, conservative female, Indian mother
A married Bengali Indian couple playing a game of chess - mind game, indoor sport, bonding over a board game
Portrait of a young Indian girl listening to songs on her headphones - fun and entertainment, hooked to mobile, smiling
An attractive Indian girl posing for a selfie on her smartphone - college-going girl, making reels
A pretty Indian girl folding her clothes and packing her bag - household work