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A sad schoolboy sitting alone with a ball in the park - lack of friends, stress, depression
A six-months-old cute little Indian baby lying down alone in the bedroom
Cranky little baby girl crying while sitting alone on the bed - fear and anxiety
Happy pretty teenager celebrating her birthday alone at night - new normal concept
Sad Indian guy sitting alone on a sofa with colorful Christmas decorations in the background
A close shot of young Indian kid giving different facial expressions while playing alone
A young sick girl is lying in a hospital bed with a soft toy - teddy bear, drowsy state, unhealthy, illness, hospital room
A cute little schoolgirl lying in bed with a soft toy in a pediatric unit - sick Indian child in a hospital room, hospital care
A young schoolgirl suffering from illness - wearing a medical mask, surgical mask, admitted to the hospital, lung disease
A young Indian lady in a thought full mood - North East Indian girl, traditional dress, sitting on the sofa
A rock pigeon is sitting on the wall - an Indian bird, a beautiful creature
A beautiful female college student is reading a book / novel - a hobby, a favorite pasttime, lying down
A handsome old man with white hair and a mustache is reading a book - an interesting book, a favorite pastime
An aged housewife spending time alone and reading a book - sipping coffee, tea
An upset Indian female in her early twenties facing problems in life - a stressed urban lifestyle, depression, stressful life
Drunk Indian man checking his mobile while sitting alone at home - alcohol addiction, drug addiction
A beautiful Indian housewife in casual clothes opens her gift box - birthday gift, party gift, diwali gift
A pretty lady wearing a printed top drinking a cup of hot tea / coffee - a beverage
A smiling young man watching a comedy movie while relaxing alone at home - leisure time
A middle-aged man with a black mustache sitting alone on a big chair in the living room - a comfortable chair
A middle-aged man with a black mustache pouring an alcoholic drink from a decanter - sommelier, alcoholic, addict
A beautiful Muslim woman in her forties talking on her smartphone / mobile - an electronic gadget, internet connection
A beautiful baby girl enjoys playing with a pink colored balloon attached to a string - a fun activity, a happy childhood
A young girl having a healthy homecooked meal while sitting alone - simple food, North Indian cuisine
A young man dancing on Holi - Holi festival
A young schoolgirl with Holi colors on her face and clothes enjoys eating ice cream in summers - Holi celebrations, good food
A young schoolgirl of an Indian village studying alone under an electric bulb - Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, girl education, girl portrait
A cute charming baby girl putting a colorful soft toy in her mouth while playing