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Female hands keeping a half-eaten juicy plum with yellow seeds on the glass table
A bunch of red ripe wet plums with a half-eaten one together on a glass table
Fresh red ripe plum stacked together rotating on a turntable - a healthy fruit
A half-eaten plum kept with other sweet plums on a jute mat - a healthy fruit
Female slicing ripe orange papaya using a kitchen knife on the table at home
Indian cook's hand cutting juicy papaya into halves using a sharp knife
Woman's hand using a spoon to scoop out the black seeds of freshly cut papaya
Salt being sprinkled from the top on orange slices of papaya kept on a ceramic plate
Pan shot of a whole and sliced orange papaya placed together on a wooden table
Stop motion shot of maize / Bhutta on a stick being eaten - a healthy diet
Freshly prepared grilled popcorns falling on a ceramic plate kept on a white table
Beautiful hand of a female taking a few delicious popcorns from a container
A few ready to eat delicious popcorns falling from above into a transparent bowl
Fresh and uncooked sweet corns / Bhutta cut into halves rotating on a turntable
Female hands peeling the husk of a raw sweet corn / maize after harvest
Hands spreading a lot of clarified butter on grilled sweet corn with a fork
Melted butter falling down from a grilled sweet corn / Bhutta on a wooden table - Time lapse shot
Beautiful hand of a female keeping a pair of eyeglasses on top of an open book
Female hand keeping a peeled Lychee with the unpeeled ones in a basket
Tilt view of a bunch of juicy and ripe Lychees nicely placed against a colored background
A basket full of tropical summer fruits / Lychees kept against an orange background
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - February 10, 2020: A street vendor selling fresh betel leaves / Paan on the by lanes of a marketplace
Raw sliced bittermelon falling in a ceramic bowl with more bitter gourd
Sliced Karela falling with green bitter gourd in a brown basket - tasty vegetable
A glass of bitter gourd juice and sliced Karela beautifully decorated on a plate
A sweet vegetable juice rich in vitamin seasoned with mint leaves in a clear mug
Sliced beetroot falling in a glass of beverage kept against a white background
Round slices of ripe pineapple rotating on a wooden table - healthy fruit