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Pan shot of tasty and crunchy green pears cut in half served on a designer plate
Whole and half green pears / Naak kept together on a black designer plate
Pan shot of different Dals / lentils kept on a wooden table for preparing a tasty meal
A white ceramic plate with assorted Indian pulses rotating on a turntable
A female checking chickpeas served in a white bowl - healthy eating
Pan shot of assorted legumes / lentils kept together in a heap - cooking ingredients
A female checking split peas in his / her palms - popular Indian legumes
Fox nut salad - tasty and healthy Indian food
Heap of plain white fox nuts / lotus seeds stacked together - a tasty snack
Female dropping slices of corn, tomato, and cucumber into a bowl of Makhana - healthy snack
Female squeezing a fresh lime juice on a white ceramic plate with lotus seeds
Refreshing papaya juice being poured into the glass - healthy drink
Salt is sprinkled on juicy papaya kept on a ceramic plate for morning breakfast
Tropical exotic fruit Papita cut into halves with skin - Healthy breakfast
Female hand watering a young sapling planted on a bed of coins - financial growth
Young female protecting a plant sapling with both hands - environmental health
A young woman protecting a plant sapling - Go Green and save the environment
Portrait of a tired farmer washing his face after a hard day's work in the field - Indian village
An Indian man sitting near a river near an agricultural field washing his hands
A young man in casual clothes plucking healthy ridge gourd / turai vegetable from farm
Water is sprayed / sprinkled on a healthy and green tropical vegetable plant
Popular Indian Java plum fruit kept on a white plate rotating on a turntable. Indian summer fruit
Female hand keeping a glass of fresh plum juice with another cocktail drink - Indian summer fruit
Refreshing plum juice being poured in a tall glass full of crushed ice - a tasty drink
Female hand keeping a glass of red plum juice with a straw on the table - Indian summer fruit
Plum juice decorated with a slice of lemon and mint leaves poured in a glass
Female hands keeping a half-eaten juicy plum with yellow seeds on the glass table
A bunch of red ripe wet plums with a half-eaten one together on a glass table