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A pretty Indian girl with braided hair holding the Indian tricolour flag - Republic or Independence Day, National holiday
Shot of a married Indian lady standing on her agricultural farm while wearing a traditional printed saree
An Indian farmer with a spade in his wheat field - shovel (phawra) on shoulders, village farm, village lifestyle
A farmer with moustache talking on his mobile - green farmland, holding a shovel, village lifestyle, modern farmer
Farmer working in his field - putting urea, use of chemical fertiliser into his crops, Indian farming, rural life, toxic chemicals
An Indian villager putting insecticide/pesticide in the wheat field- harmful chemical, toxic chemical in agriculture, traditional agricultural practises
Indian lady talking on a phone while sitting on a charpai - leisure time, happy woman
An Indian farmer counting Indian currency banknotes - agricultural profit, future investment, agriculture income, wealthy farmer
Indian farmer offering his hard-earned money to his cheerful wife - farm sales, agribusiness, income, profit
Indian village couple in their field - sitting on a Chaarpai, wheat field, village lifestyle, happy Indian couple
Happy middle-aged Indian couple sitting in their village wheat field. Village scene, Village concept, village life, farmer, farming, agriculture
Corn kernels scattered / rolled onto a glass table - sweet corn, agricultural produce
Refreshing plum juice is poured into a tall glass with ice cubes - healthy fruit drink, fruit juice, fresh juice
Indian lentils/daal rolling on a glass table - Chana daal, Chickpeas, Split Chickpea Lentils
Two whole maize falling / dropping on a heap of corn kernels - sweet corn, Indian corn,
Corn kernels scattered in a pile on a glass table - sweet corn, agricultural produce, Indian corn
A handful of wheat grains falling / dropping on a glass table - harvest, foodgrains
Wheat grains dropping in a heap on a brown jute bag - agriculture, foodgrains
A happy Indian brother-sister drinking tender coconut - summertime, a refreshing drink, traditional South Indian dress
A happy South Indian couple in ethnic wear drinking tender coconut water with a straw - refreshing drink, natural
India, Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal, 17/April/2020 - Ripe yellow pear on the branch of a tree - Pear fruit, eco-farm products, agriculture, organic farming
Indian parents - Grandfather, father, and a young grandchild enjoy drinking tender coconut water - a refreshing drink, a summer drink
A cheerful family of an Indian village playing and having fun in the open field - family bonding
An Indian villager counting hundred rupees banknotes while standing near a tubewell - monthly salary, agricultural profit, Indian currency
Young village couple in their green wheat fields in India - Using laptop sitting on a cot, modern villager
A handsome bearded farmer talking on his smartphone while relaxing on a Chaarpai - Green wheat field
An Indian farmer talking on a mobile while sitting in his green field - internet technology
An attractive young couple drinking tender coconut water with a straw - a refreshing drink, summertime