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A busy Indian girl sipping coffee while working and talking on phone in her office cabin
Young sick man changing sides while sleeping on his bed
Cute girl lying on her bed and working on laptop and listening to music on headphones
An employee having discussion / conversation with his senior in her office cabin
Closeup shot of a women carefully applying glue on the envelope
Shot of a young Indian mother and son playing with building blocks - Spending time at home during summer vacation
Closeup shot of a kid rolling a clay dough
Beautiful Indian women in hotel balcony smiling and waving or greeting a guest
Pretty young Indian girl standing in the balcony and speaking on the phone - Enjoying the view from the balcony
Slow motion view of indian currency
A banker counting Indian currency notes and making entry in his computer
Closeup shot of an accountant counting 10 rupees Indian currency
A finance company employee counts Indian currency Rupee 200 notes
Shot of man accepting Indian currency, counting it and keeping them in his wallet
Side shot of a Pretty Indian girl looking through the binoculars - Smiling and Excited
A girl tired of working for long hours infront of the laptop / computer screen
A street side vendor making flower garlands by putting white flowers in a thread
Indian Currency of Rupee 10 notes falling on a table
Closeup shot of Indian Currency - Rupee 200 revolving on a table
Closeup view of 500 rupee Indian currency notes lying on the table
Indian mother and child enjoying cartoon together on laptop at the bedtime - Technology in Bedroom
Shot of an Indian girl smiling and waving at a friend from her house balcony
Indian girl drinking tea / coffee and looking at the view from balcony
Shot of an Indian child writing numbers on green slate / chalkboard
Closeup shot of a child solving cardboard car puzzle
Closeup shot of an Indian child making paper craft with colored paper
Closeup shot of an Indian child / kid coloring with a blue crayon in his drawing book
Closeup shot of burning coal flames in a furnace