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Smiling Indian girl doing a video call with her parents while in office
Attractive young Indian girl doing a video chat on her smartphone
Cute Indian girl doing a video chat on her mobile smartphone with her friend
Closeup of male writing a message to his friend in a diary
Close shot of women hands drawing straight line with a ruler and pencil
Man / boy writing happy birthday in a card with a blue sketch pen
An Indian sweet shop owner (Halwai) preparing and taking our jalebis (Indian Sweet Dish) from a huge oil pan
An Indian labor cutting off an iron sheet using a iron cutter machine
Young Indian girl decorating a piece of craft with a black sketch pen
Top angle shot of an Indian girl writing birthday message for a friend on a card
A small kid / boy is playing with a wooden toy glider and pushing it on the table
Closeup shot of female cutting blue coloured paper with a paper cutting knife
Closeup shot a boy / man sticking a colourful paper to a piece of cardboard with glue
An Indian boy / man making paper art and craft of a shirt with a floral print tie
Fast motion shot of an Indian boy / man drawing a cartoon on white paper and writing happy birthday
Cute little Indian boy/kid playing alone with colorful plastic building blocks at home
Young female boss working on laptop while her subordinate gives information from the file
Shot of an Indian boss giving reprimand to a female worker / colleague
Shot of lady cleaning yellow tray with a piece of cloth
Low angle shot of an Indian mother and child playing with colourful building blocks
A company manager analysing monthly product sales data of the company / team
Shot of a man taking out Indian currency from envelope, counting and keeping it back in the envelope
Shot of an artist shading a portrait with a pencil
Shot of an Indian corporate women speaking on her mobile and attending another call on the landline phone
Closeup shot of man / boy colouring the alphabet with black sketch pen
Side shot of a young Indian boy / girl cleaning / washing their soapy hands in the washbasin
Closeup view of running tap water being closed by man / women
Bank manager / cashier counts and checks the Indian currency - Rupee 500 notes