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Health and Medical Indian Stock Images and Video At Knot9

Shocked young girl stressed while looking at pimples/acne on her face
A young ambitious learner with a stethoscope and a medicine injection
Young Indian woman with a syringe/injection on her lips to do beauty treatment
Tomb with a cross made of cigarettes and tobacco grave - smoking kills
Cross made of cigarettes shoeing danger of smoking - anti-tobacco campaign
Female smoker's hand putting out a cigarette butt inside a glass ashtray
Lighting cigarette gas lighter with a golden burning flame in a dark room
A yellow gas lighter for cigarettes against the black background
Work from home on a laptop - Father taking care of her daughter during office hours
Female breaking a cigarette - quit smoking concept
Quit Smoking - A female cutting a cigarette to signify no smoking
Quit Smoking - destroying a cigarette on a date calendar for no smoking resolution
A close-up shot of an Indian mother making her child wear the mask properly
A mother-daughter sanitizing their hands to prevent the spread of the virus
An elderly lady of a village eating medicine with a glass of water in an open field
Young siblings brushing their teeth properly in a bathroom - hygiene concept
Cute little siblings brushing their teeth while looking and smiling at each other
Sporty Indian girl suffering from severe shoulder pain after her routine workout
Young sportswoman experiencing extreme wrist pain after her evening workout
Young sportswoman experiencing severe neck ache after the morning workout
Sister helping her brother wear a mask properly before wearing it herself
Two adorable children opening and discarding their masks happily
Two cute children wearing their masks properly and giving thumbs up gesture
Beautiful young female taking a sigh of relief after removing her surgical mask
Indian girl meditating in Ardhasan (half-lotus pose) for a healthy lifestyle
Young woman sanitizing the kitchen slab while wearing gloves and surgical mask
An attractive young girl suffering from severe neck pain - health/medical concept
Upset Indian girl suffering from severe stomach ache - health and medical concept