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Women in traditional dress and jewellery putting on red bindi on her forehead
Indian women in traditional dress checking herself in the mirror before Diwali party function
Indian women in traditional dress putting on maang tikka (jewellery) for a wedding function
Beautiful Indian housewife / women posing in her traditional attire - sari
Gorgeous Indian housewife with heavy makeup and jewellery smiling in front of the mirror
Happy Indian housewife smiling and getting ready - putting flowers in her hair / bun
Indian women wearing beautiful payal / anklet
Diwali Puja at Home - Indian mother putting tilak on her son's forehead
Young Indian boy eating ladoo (Indian sweet) during festival celebration
Raksha Bandhan - Excited brother watches his sister performing aarti / prayer
Raksha Bandhan - Sister ties rakhi on her younger brothers wrist
Raksha Bandhan - Little sister performing aarti / prayer of her brother before tying rakhi
Shot of a cute Indian girl struggling to get her gift / present
Raksha Bandhan - Little girl applies tilak and rice on her brother's forehead on Rakhi festival
Raksha Bandhan - A young and naughty boy laughing with his sister on Rakhi festival
Raksha Bandhan - A young naughty brother stuffs entire sweet in his mouth given by her sister
Shot of pretty Indian girl feeding french fries to her younger brother
Cute Indian boy feeding french fries to his sister on Raksha Bandhan festival
A cute little boy enjoys a piece of chocolate on raksha bandhan
Raksha Bandhan - Sister tying beautiful rakhi on her brothers wrist
Raksha Bandhan - Sister feeding sweets to her little brother on the occasion of Rakhi
Raksha Bandhan - Sister of a cute little boy applies rice on the tilak
Raksha Bandhan - Little boy patiently sits while his sister applies tilak on his forehead
Raksha Bandhan - Shot of a girl tying rakhi to her brother on Indian festival
Raksha Bandhan - Indian Festival - Cute brother teases and give rakhi gift to his little sister
Raksha Bandhan - Cute little Indian brother teasing his sister for her rakhi gift
Raksha Bandhan - Excited little Indian girl pulling and fighting for the gift with her brother on rakhi
Closeup shot of a girl picking up raw rice from pooja thali