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Pretty Indian woman holding a gift box and looking at the camera - Diwali Festival
Young smiling south Indian woman in elegant saree is talking on the phone while looking at her gift - white background
Portrait of a smiling pretty female holding a stack of gift boxes - Diwali festival celebration
Front facing shot of a beautiful Indian female holding a Diya or Terracotta Oil Lamp - Diwali Festival Concept
Indian beautiful woman holding a diya or Terracotta Oil Lamp - Festival Concept
Portrait of a south Indian lady sitting in saree and looking at her mobile phone - home decoration, festival concept
Young south Indian woman is taking selfie with a smartphone - Gifts, Rangoli with white background
Smiling south Indian woman taking her self-portrait/selfie with her mobile/smartphone - white background
Beautiful south Indian woman taking a selfie or self-portrait with mobile - standing with white background
A beautiful south Indian woman is standing with a white background to welcome people - Namaste greeting gesture
Surprised south Indian woman is sitting and looking at her festival gift while talking on the phone - white background
Indian housewife holding diyas or terracotta oil lamp on Diwali festival
Indian woman smiling and posing with diyas for the camera - Diwali decoration
Pretty Indian woman lighting diyas on diwali festival - Diwali Lights
Woman holding a plate of ladoo sweets - Diwali festival in India
Indian woman posing with a traditional copper Kalash - Used in puja as per Hindu culture and tradition
Indian woman posing in saree - Celebrating Diwali festival in traditional Indian dress
A smart Indian couple performing Sai pujan or puja on the occasion of Guru Purnima - Festival Celebration
Young beautiful south Indian woman making a flowers rangoli at Onam. White background
Image of a beautiful south Indian woman making flower rangoli on the festival - white background
Young south Indian woman in traditional outfit holding a diya in her hands - standing and looking towards the camera with white background
Portrait of a smiling south Indian woman standing with a white background holding a diya in her hands
Women in prayer position holding hands in front of Lord Rama - Taking Bhagwan ji blessings
Happy Indian woman performing Ganesh aarti on Ganesh Chaturthi: Festival celebration
Newly wed south Indian couple standing together holding shopping bags - White background
A south Indian couple wearing a traditional dress is holding gift bags after festival shopping
Smiling south Indian couple standing together with a white background and holding a thali/tray to offer prayer
Smart south Indian couple standing in greeting pose with white background