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A middle-aged Bengali lady in a traditional Sari serving food to her family members - delicious food, homecooked cuisine
A Bengali family - Father and kids having food at the dining table - quality time, family bonding
A modern Bengali couple and their little kids having lunch / dinner together at home - quality time, family bonding
A happy middle-aged Bengali man talking on his smartphone - leisure time, client call, laptop
A Bengali couple in discussion - paperwork, insurance papers, financial statement, property papers, release forms
A handsome Bengali businessman doing his office work on his laptop - a remote job, COVID-19 lifestyle
Indian father with his adorable son riding on his back - leisure time, fun activity, family time, public park, picnic, parenting
A young boy hugging his grandfather to give him a warm hug - love and affection, grandparents-grandchild bonding
Indian family playing the hide and seek game in a public park - Three generations, grandfather, grandson
Indian father and son spending quality time on a picnic in a farmhouse - the piggybank, future needs, an educational loan, monthly savings
A young Indian boy doing arm-wrestling with his father - picnic, Indian family, physical strength, parenting
Indian family members playing with an orange-colored ball - catching practice, an active lifestyle
A smiling young man waving his hand and recording a video - picnic, family time, modern-day parenting
An elderly man with his grandson watering the plants - planting a tree, gardening, go green
A small little school kid watering pants in the garden - green earth, pollution-free environment, go green
A happy Indian father playing a blindfold game with his son - picnic in a park, blind man's bluff, a childhood game
An elderly grandfather, father, and grandson putting on medical masks outdoors - Coronavirus pandemic, Covid-19 lifestyle
A small boy with his bicycle in the park - active lifestyle, healthy boy, cycling, sports
A young boy jogging with his grandfather in a public park - physical activity, healthy lifestyle, active lifestyle, morning exercise
A young Indian father helping his young son to fix a bike - fixing bicycle, fatherhood, parenting, growing kids
A young schoolboy fixing the chain of his bicycle - repair and maintenance care, cycling, sports, active lifestyle
A sweet schoolboy learning to ride a bicycle with his father and grandfather - parental bonding, cycling
Indian father with his son in the park - cycling, father-son bonding, grandfather, morning walk, family bonding, three generations
Indian father doing morning walk with his son in a public park - morning walk, a healthy lifestyle
A young aspiring male doctor posing for the camera - stethoscope, doctor dress code, health and medical, a medical worker
A matured old man wearing a white lab coat and a stethoscope resting under a tree - an experienced doctor
A young schoolboy playing with his grand father - acting as a doctor, medical examination, role play
A young and cheerful schoolboy eating a delicious sandwich on a picnic - healthy food, vegetarian cuisine