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India, Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal, 17/April/2020 - Couple clicking selfies on the boat - Selfie stick, Indian couple, leisure time
India, Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal, 17/April/2020 - Tourists riding on the boat - Water transport, evening outing, family love
India, Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal, 17/April/2020 - Ripe yellow pear on the branch of a tree - Pear fruit, eco-farm products, agriculture, organic farming
A pretty Bengali woman happily offering a Paan with Supari to her guests - an auspicious occasion
An attractive Bengali couple at their home - love and affection, romantic couple, Indian family
A beautiful Indian female posing for the camera with Namaste gesture - respect
A middle-aged attractive man wearing traditional clothes talking on his mobile - leisure time
An attractive Bengali guy wearing eyeglasses reading a book in the living room - an interesting book, a favorite novel
An attractive male in traditional clothes resting / relaxing in the living room - a short nap
A happy Indian couple with their two kids chatting together in the living room - a small nuclear family, family bonding
A middle-aged Indian housewife and her little kids playing a game of chess together - a board game, intelligence, strategic moves
A middle-aged man and an attractive woman in traditional clothes playing card games - a leisure time
Cheerful Indian brother-sister playing card games - a pack of cards, leisure time, fun time, bonding
Nuclear Indian family - Indian couple and kids playing with building blocks, leisure time, happy parenting
Young brother-sister laughing and enjoying a pillow fight - a fun activity, a childhood game
Young Indian siblings reading a book / studying together in the living room - knowledge and education
A middle-aged attractive man wearing a blue Kurta looking for his eyeglasses while reading - a couple bonding, love
A middle-aged Bengali couple quarreling with each other at home - family problems, couple fight
A frustrated and annoyed Indian father scolding his son for not completing his homework - school assignment
An Indian housewife with a bowl full of a Bengali traditional sweet (Rasgulla) - a tasty dessert, sugar syrup
A Bengali female wearing a traditional Sari / Saree offering a Rasgulla - a tasty dessert, sugar, syrup
A teenage Indian daughter talking to her loving mother - Mother-daughter bonding
An Indian Bengali mother scolding her daughter for mobile overuse - teenage issues, family conflicts, concerned parent
An angry and annoyed middle-aged woman arguing with her young girl - family conflicts and misunderstanding
A strict Indian Bengali mother scolding her teenage daughter for excessive mobile use - cellphone addiction
A strict Indian mother scolding her son for excessive mobile use - technology overuse, mobile addiction
A middle-aged angry Bengali female shouting and yelling on a video call - freaking out, stressed
A happy Bengali couple and their young daughter appreciate tasty food - a good cook, homecooked cuisine