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Eyebrow makeup of an Indian girl
Slow motion shot of spraying water to the plant with spray bottle
Cute Indian little boy playing with the water droplets in his home balcony during rains
Slow motion shot of a cute Indian boy washing his hands in the washbasin
Diwali decoration - Indian women making flower rangoli with rose petals
Couple sitting on bed corners away from each other after a fight
Close up of a potter giving different shapes to the mud clay on a potter's wheel
Closeup side shot of young Indian mother and her son spending quality time at bed time
Pan shot of red chilies heap - Lal Mirch (Hot Indian Spice)
Shot of a bowl with dried turmeric roots turning counter-clockwise with white background
A woman making Indian sweet / mithai for Diwali - Indian festival
Video of an endodontist / dental doctor treating his patient with an assistant
A pan shot of scattered dried red chilies, mortar and pestle and heap of powdered chilies
Close up of a professional cosmetologist putting cotton pad on woman eyes in beauty saloon
A woman typing and using her smartphone with green screen
Diwali decoration - Beautiful charming girl in Indian dress lighting up the oil lamp
A happy Indian mother and son duo teasing, laughing and having lighter moments on a festive occasion
Attractive young muscular body builder lifting dumbbells at the gym
A woman suffering from pain in teeth - Dental treatment at an Indian clinic
Rotating heap of dried red chilies (Indian Masala - Lal Mirch) in a bowl
Shot of an incoming call on a mobile phone lying on desk in office
Close up shot of rotating Indian currency 500 rupee notes
Close up shot of rotating Indian currency 500 rupee notes
Shot of a carpenter picking up the nail and hammering it in the wood
Young Indian customer service / call center representative smiles at the camera
A woman making besan ladoo (Indian Sweet) for Diwali (Indian Festival)
A little boy sits on Santa's lap gets a christmas gift
A girl busy working and typing on the keyboard in her office cabin