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Slow motion shot of fresh tomatoes thrown into water
Adding milk in a black tea using tea-pot
Rotating heap of dried red chilies (Indian Masala - Lal Mirch) in a bowl
Slow motion shot of yellow capsicum / vegetable falling in water
Pan shot of a rotating bowl filled with black pepper (Kaali Mirch - Indian Spice)
Dried single red chilli (Indian Spice - Lal Mirch) being dropped in a pan of hot oil
A silhouette shot a regular sunset scene in an Indian village
Women placing floating candles / diyas in a bowl for diwali festival
Workers pouring smelted bronze metal into the sand
Pan shot of red chilies heap - Lal Mirch (Hot Indian Spice)
Shot of a bowl with dried turmeric roots turning counter-clockwise with white background
Indian young adult working on his laptop and drinking alcohol / beer
Closeup shot of soft drink / cola / cold drink / lemon tea being poured into a glass
Chef crushing red chili flakes in metal mortar and pestle
Attractive young couple raise their glasses for a toast in a cafe
Young Indian boy eating ladoo (Indian sweet) during festival celebration
Laxmi Puja for Diwali Celebration - Traditional Indian home setup for festival
Frontal shot of red wine being poured into a glass