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A young Indian woman taking out veggies from a paper bag while talking on a phone
Portrait shot of an attractive Indian young man in the kitchen - smiling, Indian cook, Indian husband
A young girlfriend-boyfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship - a couple lifestyle
An Indian husband-wife and their little daughter playing building blocks - happy parenting, nuclear family, caring young parents
A young schoolboy playing with his grand father - acting as a doctor, medical examination, role play
A beautiful Muslim housewife serving coffee to her loving husband - beverage, a Muslim family, a young nuclear family
A small young girl wearing a blue dress feeding sweets to her elder brother - the Rakhi festival, relationship and bonding
A young guy gives gifts / presents to his adorable son and daughter during Eid - Eidi, a festive season, leisure time
Young nuclear family playing a game of chess together - a board game, Indian family, bonding
An attractive young Indian couple playing chess - a board game
A cheerful baby girl in the park with her young parents - father-daughter bonding, a piggyback ride, family picnic in a park
A young Indian father playing with her little daughter in the park - girl child, fun activity, a childhood game, parenting
A young man, his wife, and little daughter playing chess together - board game, Indian family in farmhouse
Indian family picnic in a farmhouse - Young parents with their girl and infant - family bonding, happy parenting
Young friends applying Gulal on each other during traditional Holi celebrations
A happy young man in a white Kurta applying colorful Gulal on little boy's face - Holi festival, organic colors, Holi party
A smiling young lady with her face covered with Gulal welcoming her guests - Namaste gesture, a spring festival, a traditional way
Young handsome boy talking over phone while celebrating Holi - Phone call, face smeared in Holi colors
Splashing colors on this young Indian boy - Happy faces, Holi color, Holi party, Throwing colors on the face, color splash, harmful colors
A handsome guy putting vibrant Gulal on the cheeks of his two best friends - traditional Holi celebrations, an organic color, young friends
Smiling couple in casual clothes talking while laying down in bed - Young Indian couple, Newly married couple, Indian family
An attractive Indian couple smiling while talking on a video call at home - Indian family: Father, Mother and Young son
An old father and his young son having a friendly conversation - bonding, Indian family
Sweet adorable boy with long hair and his young dad drawing a sketch together
A young couple struggling with their upset crying son while sitting on the bed
A married lady of an Indian village cooking food in a Degchi on her traditional Chulha - Young girl helping her mother
Soulcurry Office, Faridabad, India, 14th December 2021, A young boy wearing a red sweatshirt watching cartoons on a tablet - Digital device
A handsome young man offering a glass of water and medicine to his pregnant wife