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Portrait of a young Indian woman with long black hair eating chips while watching web series on television
A young father-son duo waving their hands while chatting on a video call at home
Smiling young boy browsing his mobile after his workout session in the park
Muscular young man jogging in a green park - a healthy lifestyle concept
Young man pumping his abdomen while doing crunches on a mat in the morning
Young boy doing daily workout exercise in the morning - healthy lifestyle
Young Indian boy practicing yoga sitting on an exercise mat - a healthy lifestyle
Young Indian mother teaching her school-going daughter - togetherness and bonding
Happy mature Indian lady and her young grownup daughter spending time on mobile
Smiling and young Indian chef preparing and checking his meal in the kitchen
Young Indian couple fighting and shouting at each other during a heated argument
Young Indian couple working together and discussing their project plan
Young Indian woman happy and surprised to receive a gift from her husband
Young expecting wife welcoming her future child - happy maternity moment
A young dad falls fast asleep on the bed while his little girl talks to him
Young and newly married happy Indian couple working on the laptop
Portrait of a young Indian girl - happy to taste the noodles prepared by her
Young sportswoman experiencing extreme wrist pain after her evening workout
Medium shot of a handsome young guy enjoying a head massage from his sister
Closeup shot of a young guy wearing a medical mask and protective face shield
Closeup shot of a young girl taking selfies on her smartphone at a beauty salon
Happy group of young teenagers posing for the photo on convocation ceremony
Angry Indian father scolding his young son for plucking grass - save the environment
Beautiful young female happily smiling and showing a gift to the camera - Diwali festival
Young Indian couple laughing and enjoying with their kids - family leisure time
Front view of young Indian siblings happily coming down from moving stairs at a shopping mall
Young fashion designer teaching a topic related to fashion studies to her students
Group of young Indian students engaged in fashion studies workshop - Learning from a successful designer