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College students engaged in a fashion designing workshop - learning concept
Shot of a woman wearing bangles hammering the metal piece at a workshop in India
Shot of an Indian worker doing hammer job at a workshop
Two hardworking Indian workers polishing the industrial metal with grinder at a workshop
Surat, India - April 2017: Circular knitting machine knits seamless knitwear products in a textile industry
Surat, India - April 2017: Closeup of circular jacquard knitting machine to knit seamless knitting products
Surat, India - April 2017: Closeup shot of a textile machine in manufacturing cloth workshop
Surat, India - April 2017: A textile unit in India with large machines - spinning machines in a cloth manufacturing workshop
Automation in textile plant - cloth manufacturing workshop in India
Pan shot of different textile machines in the cloth manufacturing workshop
Technical automation in textile factory - Thread machine used in the production of the clothing industry
Small scale industry in India - Workers working in a cardboard factory - Medium and small size industry
Indian craftsman hand painting Ma Saraswati's statue with a paint spraying tool
Tilt shot of a beautifully painted sculpture of Hindu idol Goddess Saraswati
Indian worker putting the pieces of cardboard into the automatic cutting machine
Indian worker pilling up the cardboard from the four-bar rotary cutting machine
Two Indian workers collecting cardboard sheets from roller pasting machine
Closeup shot of a cardboard paper roll being pulled to make cardboard boxes
Closeup of Indian workers pilling up the pieces of cardboard in the warehouse
Indian workers cutting paper using the manual guillotine paper cutting machine
Young worker cutting paper roll using a manual guillotine paper cutting machine
Hands of a young laborer working at a workshop - industrial factory lifestyle in India
Group of students engaged in a fashion studies workshop from a successful designer
Young students attending fashion designing workshop in casual wear
Female college teacher taking fashion studies lecture - creative education
A creative team of students and a teacher learning body measurements together
A young group of hardworking students attending fashion studies workshop - creative education
Beautiful fashion designer explaining different types of sleeve measurements to the students - Fashion Designing Course