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A caring housewife is shaving her husband's beard - white foam, disposable razor, sick man, medical assistance, dependency on others
A caring elderly housewife is applying shaving cream on her husband's face - grooming, getting ready, sick husband, medical problem
A cheerful old Indian couple with their son - son hugs from back side, small Indian family, new-age parents, salt and pepper look
An aged Indian male and female watching television together with their grandkids - fun and entertainment, favourite pastime, strain on eyes, tv addition
An old Indian couple playing chess while drinking tea / coffee - board game, retired life, old age home, affair in old age
A matured Indian man with white hair is playing a board game with his grandchildren - playing chess, indoor games, good parenting
An old Indian couple playing a carrom board - board game, indoor game, Indian grandparents, retired life, enjoyment in old age
An aged Indian couple playing carrom with their kids - board game, indoor game, happy family, small nuclear family
An old Indian couple in conversation over a cup of tea / coffee - retired life, old age, self-dependent, away from kids
An attractive old Indian male is giving a head massage to his wife - happy couple, couple bonding, home treatment, ayurvedic treatment, home remedy, headache
A retired old lady / a caring housewife is massaging tired husband's shoulders - massage
An old Indian lady is giving an oil massage to her tired husband - relaxation, caring wife, old couple, champi, salt and pepper look, oiling, healthy hair, hair care
A happy Indian grandmother and her granddaughter are clicking a selfie together - modern lifestyle
A teenage girl lying / resting on her grandma's lap - grandmother, granddaughter bonding, relaxing head massage, hair nourishment, mother care, home remedy
A teenage girl teaching her grandmother how to use a mobile - skill gap, importance of mobile phones, use of phones
A loving retired couple spending quality time together - couple bonding, romantic couple, smiling, agreement, retirement life
An aged Indian husband-wife doing a video call on a laptop - use of technology, internet penetration, 4g, 5g, talking to overseas family
A teenage girl is feeding and putting birthday cake on her brother's nose - celebration, party time, birthday snacks
An affectionate Indian grandmother is feeding a cake to her young grandson - loving family, celebration time, happy Indian small nuclear family
A teenage boy feeding and smudging her sister's face with a cake - angry sister, elder sister, sibling bonding, fun and enjoyment
A young Indian boy feeding cake to his cheerful mother - birthday, marriage anniversary, salt and pepper look, happy family, small nuclear family
A lovely granddaughter is feeding a piece of cake to her grandfather - homemade, elderly care, home party
A cheerful middle-aged Indian man feeding a piece of cake to his wife - husband wife bonding, anniversary
An old man with grey hair and wearing eyeglasses is scrolling on his smartphone - old couple, discussion with wife, party at home
Faridabad, Haryana, India, 25th July 2022, An Indian village couple with their pet dog wearing a face muzzle at a pet clinic
A young Asian man hangs a photo frame on his new house wall, relocating to new house and decorating the house
A young Asian man hangs a photo frame on his new house wall, relocating to new house and decorating the house
A young Asian man hangs a photo frame on his new house wall, relocating to new house and decorating the house