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Indian man giving a Diwali gift to his beautiful wife - Diwali celebration, Indian family, Indian couple
A caring man with his expecting pregnant wife in a hospital bed - future parents, to-be parents, sick mother
A handsome young man giving his beautiful wife a foot massage - relaxation, a tired housewife, Indian couple
A young husband comforting his upset pregnant wife - hormonal mood swings
A caring father / husband covering his wife and daughter with a quilt while sleeping
The small nuclear family in India - Husband, wife, and daughter. Monthly budgeting
Indian husband-wife holding a well-lit clay Diya on the occasion of Diwali - Love and Bonding
Middle-aged husband-wife feeding sweets to each other on a festive occasion
Shot of a mature Indian wife helping her husband to wear a necktie
Village scene - Indian farmer in wheat crop fields with his wife. Harvest Time
Newlywed young husband-wife cooking together in a decorated kitchen
A medium shot of a smart husband-wife engaged on their personal smart gadgets
An upset wife trying to show interest in the husband's work to gather his attention
Medium shot of a couple where the husband falls asleep without talking to his wife
Retired old man doing a morning walk using a walker with his wife in a garden
Indian army officer waving goodbye to his unhappy wife - a tough lifestyle of army people
Beautiful Indian couple - Tired husband working on laptop and concerned wife messaging his shoulders
Indian man choking while eating dinner/ lunch at home - Sick husband and concerned wife
Indian army officer talking to his father and wife at the breakfast table - Serious discussion in Sikh family
Indian Husband tying beautiful necklace around wife's neck as a gift - Couple in Love
Young educated villager teaching basic usage of computer to his wife - village lifestyle
Indian husband giving medicine and glass of water to a sick wife - Medical Condition, Health Issue
Modern day couple - Indian husband and wife busy on smartphones. Disjoint family, Social Media Impact
Frustrated Indian wife - Husband trying to calm her down. Fight scene - Modern day issues with couples
Happy wife serving home cooked food to her husband with love and care - Family bonding
Happy Indian married couple - Wife giving shoulder massage to husband
Loving and emotional wife hugging army husband before leaving - Indian soldier going for duty
Mid age husband and wife having dinner/lunch. Husband on a business call, disturbed wife