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Small Indian child showing a white placard or a banner in a park - copy space concept
A young child standing with a signboard of "Stop Pollution" while wearing a medical mask
Tilt shot of young father and son of India standing with a "Stop Pollution" signboard
Indian man showing a slate of "Stop Pollution" text with garbage dump in the background
Pretty Indian girl is excited while talking over a phone call against the white background
A young beautiful lady happily writing messages for Diwali gifts - festive background
Bokeh shot of an Indian female doing Diwali Puja of Hindu gods Lakshmi and Ganesh
A young attractive woman in front of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi On Diwali
Pretty Indian lady performing Hindu traditions of worshipping Lakshmi and Ganesh on Diwali
Pretty Indian female praying in front of Hindu gods Lakshmi and Ganesh on Diwali
Pretty Indian female wishing her friends "Happy Diwali" over a phone call - festival background
Beautiful Indian female smiling with burning Diyas on the festival of Diwali - decorative background
Beautiful Indian females celebrating Diwali festival while clicking pictures - festive background
Beautiful Indian female opens her Diwali gift with a wide smile on her face - festive background
Beautiful Indian woman praying in front of Hindu gods Laxmi and Ganesh - Diwali/Dipavali
A young woman smiling while holding a Puja Kalash in her hands - Diwali festival
Beautiful Indian woman in traditional wear with a burning oil lamp - Diwali festival
A young woman happily greeting in a traditional Indian namaste - colorful festive background
Pretty Indian lady doing Karwa Chauth Puja aginst a decorated festive background
Bokeh shot of colorful gift boxes on the occasion of Diwali - the festival of India
Bokeh shot of Diyas, gifts, sweets, and crackers decorated on the occasion of Diwali festival
Bokeh shot of beautiful burning Diyas, gift boxes, sweets and crackers - Hindu Festival Diwali in India
Elderly woman suffers from a severe headache while reading a book in bed
Indian grandmother happily smiling while reading a book at home - old age concept
Indian lady reads a book with glasses while sitting in bed - the lifestyle of old people
Cute Indian girl happily dancing with a party prop against the white background
Beautiful young girl whispering her secrets against the white background
Cute little girl smiling with hands close to her face in a colorful top - white background