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Young dad happily lying with his daughter in the tent on Christmas Eve in India
Cute Indian couple having fun together while using a laptop in bed - lifestyle couples
Indian father watching funny videos with his kids on a digital tab - technology concept
Cute little girl happily watching cartoons on a digital tablet with her father - weekend fun
Indian family happily using a digital tablet while sitting together on a couch - weekend fun
Elderly woman suffers from a severe headache while reading a book in bed
Indian lady reads a book with glasses while sitting in bed - the lifestyle of old people
Indian teenager studying hard for his upcoming semester exams - education concept
A handsome college-going student trying hard to concentrate on his studies - Study Pressure India
Young exhausted boy learning lessons for his upcoming exams - education concept
Proud mother praising his college-going son while he is preparing for his exams - Family in India
Indian mother caressing her young son while he is napping on his textbook - education concept
A young tired student with his books and globe while sleeping on his study table
Little siblings watching funny videos on a smartphone - Invasion of technology in children's life
Happy young children busy using a smartphone and surfing new things on the internet
Pretty Indian woman watching a movie in a dark room - popcorn in hand. Horror movie
Lazy Indian boy lying on a couch and watching TV - lifestyle kids
Young kid happily watching television at home during his summer vacations
Handsome looking young Indian man fixing his kurta worn for festivities
Indian woman talking on the cell phone while sitting on a couch at home - Technology concept
Indian woman using a smartphone and chatting with friends - Technology concept
Overweight female taking a handful of popcorn and eating in front of the TV at home - Sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle
Indian woman listening to music and enjoying reading a novel - Pleasure time spending
Indian fat woman listening to music and using her smartphone - Technology concept
Overweight Indian woman taking handfull of chips and eating in front of a television - Junk food concept
Chubby Indian woman spending her bored and leisure time in watching television and eating popcorn
Little Indian kids sitting on the bed - Using touchscreen tablet and watching a movie - Fun and Technology
Indian siblings watching television at home during holidays - Excited and Night Time Fun. Happy Brother and Sister