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Dried chili flakes sprinkled/falling on instant noodles kept in a ceramic bowl
Hand keeping half Medu Vada on a wooden table full of south Indian food
Delicious rice Payasam being garnished with dry fruits - a tasty Indian dessert
Female hands taking a bite of lemon rice from a South Indian vegetarian Thali
Female hands putting Sambhar on two pieces of Idli kept in a bowl - tasty food
Female hands keeping a plate of fried Poori near South Indian Thali with Dosa
Crispy fried Poori placed on a plate full of vegetarian south Indian food items
Female hand placing a Medu Vada with other south Indian foods on a plate
Traditional Saree, jewelry, and metal oil lamp decorated near a vegetarian Thali
South Indian vegetarian Thali, wedding jewelry, silk Saree, and coconut halves
Dried raw chickpeas falling from a gunny bag on a white table - healthy food
A delicious pizza loaded with cheese, corn, and olives kept on a turntable
Crushed red chili is being sprinkled for preparing a healthy vegetarian pizza
Grated cheese falling on a deliciously baked homemade pizza - Italian food
Sliced green capsicum falling on a freshly baked chicken sausage pizza
Hand picking a big slice of vegetarian Italian pizza topped with olives
Raw onion rings falling on a freshly made Paneer pizza - vegetarian food
Lady's hand taking a pizza slice topped with cheese, corn, tomatoes, and olives
Woman's hand keeping mint leaves on the freshly cooked Sabudana Khichdi
Vegetarian food platter from North India moving slowly in a blue background
Traditional vegetarian food platter served during the religious fasting days
North Indian Navratri vegetarian Thali/food platter prepared during fasts
Closeup shot of beautifully served Upma in a white plate - South Indian cuisine
Hands of an Indian man chopping spinach to prepare food for a wedding party
Hand of an Indian man picking up bitter gourd from a vegetable basket - black background
Pan shot of different organic vegetables on a kitchen mat - healthy and vegetarian food
Hands of a young farmer putting fresh vegetables on a kitchen mat - vegetarian food
Healthy and fresh vegetables on a wooden table - stop motion animation