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Indian man using legs and hammer to give shape to a vessel - steel utensil, hardworking laborer, metal craftsman, ethnic cookware
Indian man putting containers on shelves - tidying up, maintaining hygiene, food storage, organized kitchen, pantry
Farmer working in his field - putting urea, use of chemical fertiliser into his crops, Indian farming, rural life, toxic chemicals
A middle-aged woman is watering holy Tulsi plant using a brass utensil - Puja ritual, Indian lady, Hindu rituals
A middle-aged Indian woman in a Saree pouring water into a Tulsi plant - Indian ritual, holy plant
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India, 17th November 2021, Colorful handmade ceramic bowls at the exhibition
An Indian cook adding sugar into the milk mixed with white tapioca pearls
A bowl of Garam Masala powder is placed with various other Indian spices
Hot milk mixed with white tapioca pearls on a gas stove - Indian dessert for festival food
Milk is being boiled in a pan over a gas stove to prepare Sago / Sabudana Kheer. Indian dessert
Capsicum, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers being stir-fried in a pan
Pure water pouring in a transparent glass with bubbles forming - refreshing to drink
Grounded black pepper is being sprinkled in a bowl of Raita for seasoning - Indian food on table
Modern Indian villager wearing a Kurta working on a laptop alone at his home
Portrait of smiling Indian girl drinking fresh healthy juice at home
An Indian farmer in a village putting harmful pesticides in his wheat field
Closeup shot of Sarson ka saag being cooked in a pan - Traditional Punjabi food
Closeup shot of Sarson ka saag being cooked in a pan - Traditional Punjabi food
Young well-dressed doctor observing his unconscious patient at the village home
Mid age husband and wife having dinner/lunch. Husband on a business call, disturbed wife
Indian mother and son having a light conversation over lunch at home - Family bonding
A coppersmith working on utensils and marking on a metal utensils in workshop
Shot of man giving shape to the utensil with the hammer
Coppersmith making traditional brass and copper utensils
A skilled worker is brazing the metal
A skilled man designing utensils with the age-old art of crafting wares in India
Shot of a skilled Indian craftsman designing and shaping a metal utensil with the hammer
A labourer / worker sealing the joints of brass metal utensils in his workshop