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Closeup shot of Sarson ka saag being cooked in a pan - Traditional Punjabi food
Closeup shot of Sarson ka saag being cooked in a pan - Traditional Punjabi food
Closeup shot of an Indian man grating the carrot to prepare Gajar Ka Halwa (Famous Sweet in India)
Preparation of Gajar Ka Halwa for the guests at an Indian wedding - closeup shot
A Halwai / Cook preparing Gajar Ka Halwa (Famous Indian Sweet) at an Indian wedding
Young well-dressed doctor observing his unconscious patient at the village home
Village scene of an Indian villager gifting heavy gold bangles to her wife - Rural home
Young woman doing household work while sitting on a wooden charpai - village scene
Village scene of a man counting money and his wife cleaning food grain - rural concept
Mid age husband and wife having dinner/lunch. Husband on a business call, disturbed wife
Indian mother and son having a light conversation over lunch at home - Family bonding
Indian cook working with hot oil in kadhai and preparing sweets for a party
A coppersmith working on utensils and marking on a metal utensils in workshop
Shot of man giving shape to the utensil with the hammer
Coppersmith making traditional brass and copper utensils
A skilled worker is brazing the metal
Shot of woman chopping ginger root on the cutting board
Pan shot of finely chopped and fresh ginger root kept on the table
Fresh organic ginger root being grated
A skilled man designing utensils with the age-old art of crafting wares in India
Shot of a skilled Indian craftsman designing and shaping a metal utensil with the hammer
A labourer / worker sealing the joints of brass metal utensils in his workshop
Female/chef adding a spoon full of salt in pot of mixed vegetables
Closeup shot of a chef adding rice to cooked vegetables
Chef opening the cover of the pot filled with cooked vegetable rice - biryani
The chef adds water into a pot of cooked vegetables
Chef adding masala in a hot pot while preparing vegetable curry
Closeup shot of an Indian female sprinkling dried coriander leaves on vegetable rice