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A young Indian girl applying a face pack looking into a small mirror - pampering, face mask, wellness
A senior Indian woman suffering from flu resting at home - a viral infection, unwell, an allergic disease, lonely life
An old Indian lady massaging her feet while resting on the bed - old age issues, pain, treatment
An attractive Indian housewife removing the face pack - beauty and healthcare, skin treatment
A sick Indian female smiling while recovering from her illness - chemotherapy, treatment and diagnosis
A young patient checking her X-ray / MRI / CT scan reports - a medical report, treatment and diagnosis
A young lady suffering from cancer with an Intravenous drip - a medical treatment, recovery, chemotherapy
A teenage college student putting cream / lotion / moisturizer on her hands - dry skin, pampering, beauty treatment at home
An unwell Indian lady consulting a doctor on her smartphone - doctor at home, online consultation, treatment and diagnosis
Two adolescent girls in casual clothes putting cream / lotion on their palms - dry skin, winter season, beauty treatment at home
Woman applying lotion / moisturizer - dry skin treatment, skin care
Cheerful young woman applying a moisturizer / cream on face after a shower - skincare, healthy skin, skin routine, skin whitening cream
An attractive woman looking at herself in the mirror - self-care, smooth skin, skincare, smiling woman, getting ready, morning routine
A caring mother and a loving grandfather doing first aid of their child at home
A beautiful teenage girl straightening her curly hair using a hair press - hair treatment, hair straightening, hair care
Indian urban woman applying skincare cream on her face - Healthy skin routine, skincare, face massage
An attractive Indian woman with a towel on her head - Smiling and messaging her soft facial skin
Portrait of a young woman with black hair talking on her mobile in her leisure time
Beautiful teenage girl putting a face pack on her friend's face before going out
College-going students with face masks surfing the internet on their smartphones
Portrait of a young woman with black hair surfing the internet on her mobile
Young female wearing a black sleeveless top applying moisturizer on her dry skin - beauty care and treatment
Health worker's hand with a test tube and researching medicine for the treatment
Portrait of a sick and lonely Indian man in a yellow T-shirt measuring his temperature
Old Indian lady taking pills sitting on a sofa - healthcare and retirement concept
Female therapist in a white uniform writing patient's report - diagnosis
An Indian doctor in medical protective wear (PPE Kit) laughing and revolving in a chair
A medical worker in safety gloves and PPE Kit injecting corona vaccine