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An adorable little child giving a colorful gift to his sister on the Rakhi festival
Caring pretty sister hugging her younger brother on a special occasion - Rakhi festival - Raksha Bandhan
A beautiful sister offering sweets to her sweet little brother on the festival of Rakhi
An Indian girl happily applying Tika / Tilak on her brother's forehead on the occasion of Rakhi
Rural brother and sister fighting with each other and mother is cooking at home - Indian village family
A teenage sister and her younger brother playing hand clap games at village home
A village mother and her teenage daughter smiling while facing each other
An affectionate village mother talking to her son while he is sitting on her lap
Happy husband showing things on his newly bought smartphone to his wife - Happy family in Indian village
Loving village mother holding and patting her baby to sleep - maternal care
Indian insurance agent helping his client while filling the insurance form
Carefree urban friends relaxing in the garden after celebrating the Holi festival
Two youngsters talking on their mobiles with their backs against each other - Holi Day
Friends making an online transaction using a bank card and laptop during Holi
Cute Indian couple applying Gulal on each others face while celebrating Holi
Lovely girl smeared with Gulal holding a colorful gift during Holi celebration
Indian boy and girl wishing friends Holi on a video call - Holi festival party outdoors
Two Indian youngsters smeared with Holi colors cheerfully posing for the camera
Charming girl wearing sunglasses enjoying Holi party on a bright sunny morning
Excited couple blowing party whistle while celebrating Holi festival in a garden
Charming young adult playing with watercolors and Pichkari - Indian festival Holi
Cheerful youth enjoys playing colors with Pichakari during Holi party outdoors
Cheerful young Indian woman mixing Thandai with two glasses during Holi party outdoors
Lovely young girl talking to her relatives on a video call during Holi celebration
Gorgeous young female spending time on social media during Holi celebration
Smiling male adult chatting online during Holi party outdoors - festive mood
Young male with Gulal on his face using his mobile on Holi festival celebration
Confident Indian male with sunglasses on a bright sunny Holi festival morning