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A teenage girl and her mother running with tri-color balloons in the park
A cheerful girl wearing a tricolor Dupatta with balloons on Republic Day celebrations
A beautiful mother and her young daughter making a sketch of the Indian National Flag
A female artist painting the face of a young girl with the Tricolors of the National Flag
A cheerful teenage girl happily waving the Indian Tricolor Flag celebrating Republic Day
Indian mother and her young daughter proudly waving the National flag - Republic Day celebrations
Beautiful Indian women wearing a white dress with Indian Tricolor Dupatta
A female doctor from a local medical center doing checkup of a young girl in the village - Health checkup, Preventive care
A modern middle-aged housewife calculating her monthly income - Village home, salary, savings
A middle-aged lady and her cute daughter of a village browsing a mobile together - Rural village home in India
A happy middle-aged village lady typing / using a laptop for the first time - Modern village home in India
A young lady and her little daughter from a village reading a book together
A little child from a village in India hugging her mother and aunt sitting together - Family in village
Village home in India - Modern housewife in Indian village doing online shopping with credit card / debit card
A sweet girl child is stitching a piece of colorful fabric on an old sewing machine -Three generations of rural family in India
Happy Indian woman calculating her last month's savings - future investment
A young beautiful village woman using her mobile to make a card payment - Digital India
Two female friends / villagers gossiping while sitting together - relationship and bonding
A modern family of an Indian village talking on a video call while using a laptop
A young girl wishing her family and friends while talking on the phone during Diwali
A young girl holding a brightly burning Diya at home during Diwali celebrations
Beautiful Indian woman holding a set of decorative lights - Diwali celebrations
Traditionally dressed woman waving and chatting on a video call during Diwali
Young Indian brother-sister burning firecrackers / Phuljhadis together at home - Diwali celebrations
Kids celebrating Diwali by burning firecrackers / phuljhari
Small nuclear family burning firecrackers / Phuljhadis with their children - festive season
Young Indian woman in a pretty Sari burning sparkler / Phuljadi during Diwali
Beautiful lady in a pretty Saree hugging her partner while holding a gift box - a celebration time