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Closeup shot - Indian female playing with a Rubik's cube against a wooden table
Closeup shot of a woman hands playing with Rubik's cube during leisure time
Plastic green colored toy car slowly moving on a wooden table - kids lifestyle concept
Top view shot of beautifully decorated wooden table for Valentine's day theme
Top view shot of woman hands showing heart-shaped soft toy on Valentine's day
Indian female putting a red heart toy on a table for Valentine's day celebration
A cute little girl in casual winter wear happily hugging her teddy bear - kids lifestyle
Cute little kid hugging her toy teddy bear at home - happy childhood concept
Closeup shot of a young charming girl playing with her toy teddy bear at home
Bokeh shot of a cute toy snowman placed on a pile of Christmas presents at home
Still shot of a smiling toy snowman with a colorful wreath hanging on the wall - festive scene
Still shot of a decorated platform with colorful Christmas items - festive scene India
Pan shot of a decorated platform with colorful gifts and a smiling snowman on Christmas
Zoom out shot of a beautifully decorated room during Christmas season
Closeup shot of a cute toy snowman with scented candles burning in a dark room - festive scene
Pan shot of a beautifully decorated platform with Christmas items during Christmas season
Bokeh shot of a cute teddy bear wearing Santa hat in a dark room on Christmas Eve - India
Tilt shot of a teddy bear surrounded by scented candles in a decorated room for Christmas
Overhead shot of an Indian girl making Christmas cards for her friends and family
Hands of an Indian girl writing Christmas letter to Santa Claus in her diary
Top view of an Indian teenager writing 'Merry Christmas' to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve
Overhead shot of an Indian female writing 'Merry Christmas' on a festive gift tag
Pretty Indian girl clicking selfies with a small toy snowman during Christmas season
Low angle shot of rotating colorful pinwheels for sale in the market of Kumbh Mela, India
Young father and son happily spending a Sunday weekend together in a park - leisure time
Cute Indian child happily smiling and hugging a red heart-shaped toy - joyful lifestyle
Happy Indian girl holding her red heart toy with a smile on her face - a symbol of love
The young girl happily showing her new heart-shaped toy isolated over white background