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An Indian couple looking at color samples for wall painting - home renovation, repair works, moving in
A young Indian couple planning a renovation and interior design after moving in - relocation and family
A happily retired couple is sitting in the living room and drinking tea / coffee together - quality time, coffee bond
An aged Indian couple is talking with their young daughter - grandparents, family bonding, work break, Asian family
Loving aged couple talking while sipping hot tea - South Indian couple, decorated house, Diwali
A lower middle class Indian couple chatting and having tea together - rural household, poor family
Indian family is sitting and sipping tea - village family, happy family, lower middle class family, family bonding
A middle-aged Indian woman sipping tea / coffee in a hospital room - hospital care, hospital food, ecg monitor
A retired old man with his wife at home - spending free time at home drinking coffee / tea, caring housewife, beverage
A loving aged couple talking while sipping hot tea in winters - old age couple, lonely life, retired life in India
A young Indian girl is typing on a keyboard of a laptop - green screen
An educated Indian woman is reading her favorite book at home - a favorite pastime, hobby
A cheerful old gentleman and his adult daughter spend quality time - in casual conversation - bonding and care
An aged Indian couple is drinking tea / coffee - terrace garden, happy couple, retired life
A retired Indian couple having tea / coffee sitting with their daughter - happy Indian family
Closeup shot of an Indian female swiping on her chroma-key display while in the office
A young Indian lady using her touchscreen mobile during office hours - green screen shoot, green mobile screen
Close shot of typing on a smartphone screen - green screen shoot, chroma key, phone usage
Analyzing company sales growth numbers - checking details, financial reports, and sales graph
A businesswoman analyzing sales funnel - business data analysis, pictorial data presentation
Top angle closeup shot of a female office employee sipping a cup of tea / coffee while working on a laptop
An aged Indian lady talking on her mobile - gossip, Indian mother, retired lady
An old Indian couple chatting and drinking tea/coffee at home - beverage, evening time, old age, retired life
An Indian lady is reading an interesting book in her leisure time - a college student, a favorite pastime, education, North East Indian girl
A young Indian lady in a thought full mood - North East Indian girl, traditional dress, sitting on the sofa
A middle-aged Indian couple chatting over a cup of tea - free time, togetherness and bonding, lovely couple
Shot of a freshly prepared green tea in a cup - morning tea, beverage
Three middle-aged guys enjoy evening tea together - old friends, celebration, old college friends