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Tempting Indian sweet dish Jalebi dipped in hot sugar syrup in a roadside shop
Owner of a small sweet shop preparing Rabri in clay glasses for his customers
High angle shot of hands preparing sweet Boondi in a big Kadhai - food concept
Closeup shot of an Indian man grating the carrot to prepare Gajar Ka Halwa (Famous Sweet in India)
A Halwai / Cook preparing Gajar Ka Halwa (Famous Indian Sweet) at an Indian wedding
An old Indian woman eating Gulaab Jamuns - an Indian sweet, a tasty dessert, a sweet tooth
A sweet schoolboy from an Indian village sitting on his father's lap near a tubewell - agricultural machinery, parent-child bonding
An attractive couple in ethnic wear feeding traditional Gujia to each other - Holi celebrations, an Indian sweet
A traditional Indian sweet Jalebi being fried in Desi Ghee in a Kadhai - Indian dessert
Female hand keeping Gujiya - sweet dumplings made during the festival of Holi
A young Bong Beauty offering a famous Bengali sweet during the festival - Durga Puja
A sweet adorable girl studying with her father - happy parenting, togetherness and relationship, Indian single father
A young businesswoman working on a laptop - late night office work, stressful job, overtime, a caring mother
A young attractive couple talking / chatting while spending quality time with each other - togetherness and relationship, a couple bonding
A sweet little girl sitting on her mother's lap - mother-daughter bonding, family care, parenting
A basket full of mouth-watering assorted cookies - baking concept
An attractive young couple and their sweet daughter making a video call at home - modern technology, internet connection
A single father and his cute little daughter playing with building blocks - single parent, parenting, child development
A bearded young man and his adorable daughter playing chess - board game, fun activity, parenting, indoor game
A sweet Indian girl playing with her father - office work, work from home, irritated father, businessman, Bonding with kids
A sweet little girl giving a warm hug to her affectionate mother - parent-child bonding, love and affection, young Indian mother
An Indian schoolgirl hugging her father - father-daughter bonding, love and affection
A caring young mother and father playing with their daughter while tickling her - nuclear family, parenting, happy childhood
A sweet schoolboy learning to ride a bicycle with his father and grandfather - parental bonding, cycling
Indian father doing morning walk with his son in a public park - morning walk, a healthy lifestyle
An aged man and his handsome son having fun blowing soap bubbles together - a fun activity, a childhood game, bubble wands
A sweet little girl in ethnic attire happily puts a Tika / Tilak on her brother's forehead - Rakhi celebrations
A cheerful father giving colorful gift boxes to his sweet son and daughter on Eid - a festive season, leisure time