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Young decent teenager brushing or combing hair while looking in the mirror
Pan shot of an Indian guy reading an interesting book while sitting in his bed
Young college student reading a book while sitting in his bed - lifestyle concept
Attractive India guy talking to his friend over a phone call - technology concept
Young female filling a container with coin money to save for future education
Woman hands dropping 10 rupee coins in a container with education label - grey background
Happy Indian student makes a call to his family after receiving a graduation degree
Indian student taking selfies with a smartphone during the convocation ceremony
Attractive Indian graduate rejoicing on the day of convocation ceremony in India
Male college grad happily taking selfies in a black robe and square academical cap
Young college students preparing for their final semester exams - education concept
Young college girl holds a stack of books and frowns at them - unhappy emotions
College scene of Indian teenagers sitting together and smiling looking at the camera
Young college boy holds a stack of books and frowns at them - unhappy emotions
Attractive Indian girl is shocked after reading bad news online on her smartphone
Beautiful Indian college girl happily talking to her best friend over a phone call
Beautiful Indian girl in glass spectacles smiling while looking at the camera
A young college student is really surprised and happy after looking at his exam results
Young college student in glass spectacles is surprised looking at his semester results
Beautiful young college girl showing something to her boyfriend on a smartphone
Beautiful young girl disturbing her partner while sitting together in the college campus
Cheerful Indian couple doing video call together using a smartphone - leisure time
Cute Indian college couple enjoying watching movie together on a smartphone
Young cute boyfriend girlfriend happily enjoying together during leisure time
Hardworking college boy studying for a class test during lunchtime in the campus
Young college student suffering from a severe headache - health and medical concept
Cute Indian boy happily talking to his friend over a phone call - technology concept
Attractive Indian couple spending college time together in a cafeteria - lifestyle concept