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Portrait shot of an Indian man slowly smiling - dental checkup, white teeth, smile makeover
Portrait shot of an Indian man pointing on left - copy space - advertising concept, selling a product
An Indian woman pointing towards the left - copy space, living room, advertising concept
A closeup headshot of a middle-aged Indian businessman standing outdoors at a railway platform - headshot portrait
Portrait of a businessman posing for the camera standing at a railway station in Delhi NCR, growing Indian economy, public sector
A middle-aged man waiting for the train at the railway station in India - traveling in India, local station, metro city, clean station, public infra
Medical shop owner posing for the camera at his pharmacy - successful business, small business, happy, growing economy
Indian middle-aged businessman is measuring the weight of rice on a weighing scale - small business, honest
Closeup shot of a shopkeeper weighing rice at the scale at his shop - grocery purchase, unfair practice, cheating, consumer forum
A portrait shot of a happy Indian grocery store owner posing at his retail shop - fmcg products
Handsome Indian man stirring tasty food in a non-stick frying pan - mixing ingredients with wooden spatula, home chef
Indian college student tasting homemade food - eating instant noodles, domestic kitchen, quick dinner meal
Handsome Indian bachelor tasting hot home-cooked meal - tasty and delicious food, taste testing, domestic kitchen
Excited Indian woman throwing rose petals - Mehendi ceremony, traditional marriage, contemporary celebration
A man showing a POS machine at a petrol pump - gas station, smiling, new technology concept, online payment, mobile payment, digital currency
An attendant at the petrol pump is counting the currency notes - daily earnings, gas station, diesel dispenser
Handsome Indian man making fried eggs in non-stick pan - cooking at home, home-style cooking, homemade meal
Young Indian man stirring food in a non-stick frying pan on electric stove - sautéed vegetables, home-style cooking
Handsome Indian guy adding red pepper powder to the food - Lal Mirch, spicy food, authentic seasoning
Indian man putting containers on shelves - tidying up, maintaining hygiene, food storage, organized kitchen, pantry
Closeup shot of a young beautiful lady giving a toothy smile - portrait shot, long hair, teenager
4K video of beautiful Indian woman pointing towards her left - ad space, copyspace
Portrait of a serious handsome young adult man with a beard - posing indoors at home looking at a camera
A sad woman looking into the camera - anxious and depressed facial expression, portrait shot, brown skin, Asian girl
Petrol pump worker at petrol station - gas filling station, petrol vending machine, employment, petroleum service, blue collar job, Indian economy
Customer paying at a petrol pump using a credit card - petroleum service, mode of payment, petrol payment, gas station
A beautiful young woman looking up to the camera and smiling charmingly - smiling woman, wheatish skin, Asian girl
Motion graphic shot of Chhath pooja - Bihari Festival, company wish template, greetings