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A view of Urad, Moong, Arhar, and Masoor Dal/lentils with Indian whole spices
Woman's hand keeping a transparent bowl with Indian whole spices on various lentils
Female's hand keeping a bowl of cumin powder/Jeera with different Dals and spices
A spoonful of Sabut Urad Dal kept with other lentils with whole and powdered spices
Preparing a cup of green tea with different Indian spices
A female cook adding spices to her food while listening to music in her modern kitchen
Indian map designed with colorful traditional spices and herbs of India
Pan shot of Indian spices designed as the map of India on white background
Map of India made with the blend of all Indian spices on white background
Rotating top view shot of a mixture of traditional Indian spices on a plain white surface
Various Indian raw spices on white background used in Indian kitchens
Traditional raw spices with a bowl of garam masala powder - the healthy spice of India
Closeup shot of a mixture of traditional raw spices which gives flavors to Indian cuisine
Aromatic garam masala powder in a stone bowl with the blend of raw spices in the background
A blend of mix spices - Indian garam masala powder in a spacious stone bowl
A blend of traditional Indian spices in a small sack of jute isolated over white background
Spices of India - A timelapse shot of different Indian spices isolated over white background
Map of India made with a blend of raw spices commonly used in cooking Indian food
Blend of raw spices designed as a map of India on white background - closeup shot
The mixture of Indian raw spices in a vintage traditional grinding stone
Fresh roots of ginger with dry ginger powder in a rotating white plate - healthy spices of India
Collection of Indian spices in a vintage wooden container - common spices produced in India
Red chili powder is being sprinkled on uncooked Ghiya to make a spicy recipe
A healthy beverage herbal tea decorated with Tulsi leaves served for breakfast
Flavored herbal tea with bubbles poured in transparent glass in the morning - Blacktea
Sweet crunchy rusk falling in an earthen cup with boiling hot tea made at home - Chai culture in India
Refreshing hot tea pouring in a cup decorated with tea leaves on a plate - Chai culture in India
Female's hand dipping a crunchy toasted rusk in a glass of tea in the morning