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Two Indian female friends happily chatting during New Year or Christmas celebration
Two Indian male buddies giving high five while chatting and celebrating New Year or Christmas Eve
Cheerful male friends drinking beer while celebrating Christmas or New Year in India
A group of young girls happily talking to each other during Christmas or New Year time - festive scene
Young girlfriends talking and clinking wine/champagne glasses during New year or Christmas time
Young happy friends celebrating New Year or Christmas house party - festive scenes
A group of young college friends celebrating New Year or Christmas together in India
Cheerful party friends celebrating Christmas Eve or New Year Eve together at home in India
A group of attractive Indian friends spending time together on Christmas/New Year in India
Young college buddies enjoying and sharing a pizza at a New Year/Christmas party
Group of Indian friends eating pizza while having a house party during Christmas or New Year time
Happy Santa Claus reading a book while sitting on a couch during Christmas time in India
Bokeh shot of an unemployed Santa Claus waiting for his Christmas job during Christmas season
Old Santa sitting on a couch with colorful Christmas presents during Christmas time
Cute little boy talking to Santa Claus while sitting in his lap on Christmas in India
Happy Indian kid in Santa hat sharing his secrets with Santa Claus - Christmas Eve
Old Santa Claus giving Christmas present to a smiling little boy on Christmas in India
Cute little kid in Santa hat opening colorful gift box with Santa Claus - Christmas time
Santa Claus giving a gift box to a cute little boy during Christmas celebration in India
Santa reads a book to a little kid in the living room with beautiful Christmas decorations
Young little boy sitting with Santa Claus and opening the Christmas gift
Closeup shot of a loving couple holding hands on a romantic dinner date at a restaurant - Valentine's Day
A handsome young man spending a beautiful summer day with his six-year-old kid in park in India
Sad Indian guy sitting alone on a sofa with colorful Christmas decorations in the background
Smiling man in Santa Claus hat opening a surprise gift box on Christmas in India
Excited young man opening his colorful Christmas present - festive scene in India
Handsome young man opens his gift box while sitting near a decorated Christmas tree
Lonely Indian guy in Santa hat celebrating Christmas at home on Christmas Eve in India