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Young Indian siblings playing a board game together in the living room - playing chess, strategic moves
Indian siblings reading a book with their father while their mother is knitting clothes - parent-child bonding, Indian family together
Indian siblings having a glassful of milk - brother and sister, healthy food and nutrition, hates milk
Young Indian siblings of a Bengali family playing board game - chess, indoor sports, mind games, increase focus
Young Indian siblings studying together - serious girl, studious girl, lazy boy, girl education, school work
Cheerful Indian siblings doing arm-wrestling - sibling bonding, brother sister fight, bonding and care
Young Indian brother-sister studying together while sitting at the dining table - knowledge and education
Cute Indian siblings doing their homework / studying with their mother at home - parent-child bonding, school assignments
A young businesswoman working on a laptop - late night office work, stressful job, overtime, a caring mother
An Indian mother feeding noodles to her son - using a tablet, screen addiction, tasty meal, online learning
Cheerful Indian siblings having a pillow fight and having fun before going to bed - Love and care, Brother and sister
Happy Indian siblings reading a storybook with their mother while relaxing together - an interesting book, leisure time, nuclear family
A happy Indian couple with their little kids at home - happy parenting, a nuclear family, family bonding, happy family
Indian siblings happily celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan at home - Indian festival, celebration, Indian family
Young south Indian siblings reading a book together with their mother - a small nuclear family, parenting, story time
A happy Indian husband-wife in ethnic wear using a smartphone - surprised by kids, South Indian family, traditional dress
Cheerful Indian brother-sister playing card games - a pack of cards, leisure time, fun time, bonding
Young brother-sister laughing and enjoying a pillow fight - a fun activity, a childhood game
Young Indian siblings reading a book / studying together in the living room - knowledge and education
A young teenage girl preparing for competitive exams - studying for exams, late-night study
A beautiful elder sister narrating an interesting story from a book to her little sister - leisure activities, togetherness and bonding
Group of young brothers and sisters clicking a selfie together on the Rakhi festival - leisure time, a fun activity
A small little girl wearing a blue lehenga happily shaking / checking her Rakhi gift - a festive season, a leisure time
A smiling Indian sister happily puts a Tika / Tilak on her younger brother's forehead - a Puja Thali, Rakshabandhan, a festive season
A beautiful sister doing Aarti / Pooja for her younger brother on the occasion of Rakshabandhan - a Hindu festival
A pretty young girl with a Puja Thali in her hand blessing her elder brother - Rakshabandhan, an Indian festival
Cute little siblings playing with their parents in the public park - love and affection, relationship and togetherness
A farmer's adorable son and daughter running and playing in the agricultural field