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Preparing a satin flower for decorating a gift box - birthday present, packing a gift
Girl cutting week columns from the paper calendar sheet of January 2023 - school project, school work, work schedule, work planning
A female medical worker is checking the pulse and breath of an elderly person - unresponsive, unconscious, dead body
A serious Indian writing on a piece of paper - education concept, nighttime study, college assignment
Closeup of a woman completing an art work, school work, college assignment, dress design
Young Indian girl working on her college assignment, college girl, night time study, writing on paper, education concept
Beautiful Indian Businesswoman reading and making corrections in a document, business proposal, legal agreement
A female accountant is counting a bundle of two hundred rupees - Indian banknotes, Indian currency, denominations
A male accountant counting Indian currency and doing calculations using a calculator - accounting
A young Indian college student with a face mask - checking herself on a mobile camera, skin care, skin routine
A Sikh Indian father scolding his daughter looking at her exam papers - an angry father, an upset kid, punishment
A female activist in a pretty saree encouraging people to cast their votes - a responsible citizen, democratic country
A happy young Indian woman putting on a face pack mask / hydrating sheet at home - Face pack
Best friends with face masks enjoying listening to music on their smartphones
Portrait of a happy young woman applying a face pack/mask sitting at home
Stop motion shot of a white sheet of paper crumpling and unfolding again - Time lapse shot
Lady chef putting grated cheese on a pesto sauce spread pizza base
Indian female in white clothes relaxing at her home with a cosmetic face mask
Cute Indian kid happily smiling while holding a blank placard in a public park
Small Indian child showing a white placard or a banner in a park - copy space concept
Sad Indian teenage son showing his report card to parents at home - Education
Indian Family - father and son. Father scolding teenage boy looking at an exam paper
Indian father scolding his son looking at his exam paper. Small Family - Angry father and depressed little boy
Calm and beautiful little girl coloring a sketch lying on the floor - Drawing competition amongst the kids
Kids coloring on a sheet of paper with crayons while sitting on the floor
Shot of cardboard sheet passing through pasting machine
Shot of workers collecting cardboard sheets and pilling it up
Closeup shot of a worker working on a cardboard slitting machine