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Young Indian couple sitting together in living room and working on their laptop and mobile phones
Girl sitting in a lawn and reading book
Young man giving various expressions against the green screen
Young couple fighting outdoor in a park, boy taking out frustration on his girlfriend
Right to left pan shot of a couple lying in a park and reading book on a sunny day
Gardener trimming plants with a hedge shear in a park on a bright sunny day
Gardener watering plants in a park on a bright sunny day
Full shot of a gardener watering plants in a park
Young Couple mad at each other, fighting outside in a park
Middle-aged man teaching his daughter - school assignments, holiday homework, parenting
A well-groomed young man and his elderly father drinking tea / coffee together
A medical nurse putting a white bandage on a wound of a young patient
Kidnapped Indian woman roughly tied up with rope - Human Trafficking concept
Indian mother scolding her son sitting on the study table with him - Disinterested son
Indian couple sorting out fight with serious discussion and hugging each other
An old Indian man wearing a blue shirt writing notes at home
Calm and beautiful little girl coloring a sketch lying on the floor - Drawing competition amongst the kids
Young Indian girl / female in serious mood after reading messages on her mobile phone
Mid shot of a young handsome boy sitting on a bench in a park reading a book with serious expressions
Indian man peacefully reading book sitting comfortably at home