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An elderly man in serious pain - suffering from a painful knee, talking to a friend, old age, knee injury, old age issues, old age home
Side view shot - Indian model showing off herself with some serious looks and poses
Indian teenage son and father at home - Serious discussing studies and career
Mid shot of a young handsome boy sitting on a bench in a park reading a book with serious expressions
Young Indian siblings studying together - serious girl, studious girl, lazy boy, girl education, school work
Two middle-aged gentlemen having a serious discussion - best friends, togetherness and bonding, hotel room
A serious young man working on his laptop - working from home, work pressure, project deadline
Serious doctor with a stethoscope around the neck putting his finger on his lips. Green screen / Chroma shoot
Portrait of a serious businesswoman with long hair working on her laptop
An architect wearing a yellow hard hat before starting his work
A teenage boy in casual clothes scrolling/browsing on his smartphone - Chroma Green Screen
Portrait of a serious woman in blue jeans and a pink T-shirt reading a book
Portrait of a serious-looking female teacher taking online classes on her laptop
Modern well-groomed office executive adjusting his tie before a meeting
Businessman in formal clothes talking to a colleague on a mobile - work from home
Focused businessman accountant doing calculations for online financial report - working from home late night
Mature couple checking and matching medicines with the doctor's prescription
Middle-aged businesswoman checking and signing documents sitting on a couch
Portrait of an Indian youngster looking towards the camera
Portrait of a confident Indian cricketer wearing a helmet and holding a cricket bat
Middle-aged Indian businessman talking to a client while working on a laptop
Serious business partners working with documents together at their home office
Serious, thoughtful woman drinking morning tea while sitting alone at her home
Side view of a teenager with short black hair moving his face towards the camera
Serious Indian young boxer wearing red wrap bandage punching a boxing bag
Portrait of a young athlete standing against a dark background - fitness activity
A muscular youngster wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, looking up towards the camera
Portrait of a serious Indian sportsman looking confidently at the camera