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An attractive Indian couple fighting over the choice of television channels
A young lady making chapati (Indian bread) in the kitchen at her home during summers
Portrait of a handsome Sardar making pleats of his turban while wearing it
Portrait of a young Punjabi gentleman trying to fix the pleats of his turban
Portrait of a mature Sikh gentleman fixing his turban by pleating the ends
Portrait of a young Punjabi Sardar fixes his blue turban while wearing casual clothes
Portrait of a young Punjabi man pleating his blue turban while looking in the mirror
Portrait of a confident Sikh gentleman tying his turban and giving final touches to it
Portrait of a bold Indian Punjabi man fixing his blue turban with a long steel hairpin
Portrait of a Sikh man fixing turban properly to groom himself before going out
Portrait of an Indian Sardar confidently looking into the mirror while wearing his turban
Portrait of a Sikh Indian gentleman getting ready while looking into the mirror
Frustrated Indian girl screaming at someone while looking towards the camera
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing a stability workout on a blue exercise ball
Attractive Indian sportswoman demonstrating exercises using a gym/fitness ball
A beautiful young girl performing side stretches while sitting on a wooden floor
Attractive Indian sportswoman doing abs workout at home for a healthy lifestyle
Flexible Indian girl demonstrating Dhanurasana (bow pose) on a fitness mat
Long shot - Indian sportswoman doing strengthening exercises in fitness studio
Long shot of an Indian sportswoman exercising with dumbbells on a fitness ball
Indian sportswoman performing stability push-ups to build upper body strength
Attractive female athlete demonstrating stability push-ups on an exercise ball
Hardworking young girl doing crunches on an exercise ball in her fitness studio
Attractive sportswoman doing glute bridge abduction workout on a yoga mat
Long shot of an Indian sportswoman exercising with dumbbells - fitness concept
Beautiful female athlete doing muscle workout with dumbbells - healthy lifestyle
Sporty young girl pumping her abdominals while doing crunches on a yoga mat
Young sportswoman performing crisscross crunches at her home fitness studio