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A frustrated man going through papers and forms and throwing them on a table
Portrait of a young husband thinking about his life problems alone at home
Sadness concept - Unhappy adult in casuals thinking about his job insecurities
Bored adult male surfing through TV channels while sitting at a wooden table
Young adult cleaning his kitchen counter - household hygienic activity
Angry Indian man arguing on his smartphone - stressful lifestyle concept
Young husband alone at home checking the recipe on mobile to cook his meal
Young Indian man checking his a smartwatch - modern lifestyle
Thoughtful youngster drinking tea/coffee while standing alone in the kitchen
Mother scolding daughter while helping her in studies - education concept
Village housewife putting card details of her new debit/credit card for online purchase
Frustrated village man smoking alone sitting at home - stressed lifestyle
Angry Indian couple feeling extremely frustrated after fighting with each other
Indian boyfriend-girlfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship
Young Indian couple fighting and shouting at each other during a heated argument
Young boyfriend-girlfriend facing conflicts while living in a live-in relationship
Frustrated Indian man yelling and shouting at his girlfriend while she is crying
Indian couple discussing their credit card statement while sitting together in the living room
Indian female with poor eyesight wearing spectacles/eyeglass while reading
An unhappy Indian cancer patient talking on her smartphone at home
Sad and lonely cancer patient worried about her future after chemotherapy
A modern woman with long black hair drinking tea/coffee while reading
Young working woman talking on her smartphone while working in the office
A pretty Indian lady suffering from stomach ache sitting on her sofa
A depressed and confused woman sitting alone on a sofa in the living room
Frustrated Indian husband scolding and threatening his wife - domestic violence
Aggressive Indian husband scolding and threatening his wife after domestic violence
Traditional woman in saree with bruises on her face after domestic violence