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Handsome young musician playing the guitar while sitting on a sofa in his living room
Cute little girl teasing her elder sister while sitting on a couch - living room in the background
Attentive young girls seriously studying in the living room - education concept
Beautiful Indian girl spending leisure time at home and reading her favorite novel
Cute little sister disturbing her elder sister while sitting on a couch - cheerful siblings lifestyle
Beautiful Indian girl feeling tired after reading her favorite novel all-day - education concept
Young Indian girl using an inhaler for asthma and other respiratory diseases
Young asthma patient using a medical spray to treat asthma attack against the white background
Little Indian girl is coughing against the white background - health care concept
Cute little Indian girl sitting alone and crying isolated on a white background
Indian girl showing a slate with "stop child abuse" text isolated over white background
Young fearful girl fighting for her freedom while holding a symbol against child labor
Young boy with long hair showing off his skills of martial arts in the park
Tired little school kid traveling back home from long summer vacations in a car
Indian woman in traditional saree asking the husband to leave his phone and eat lunch/ dinner
Young attractive mother talking to her child and packs his backpack for school
Professional designer discussing topics related to fashion designing with her students
Young fashion designer teaching a topic related to fashion studies to her students
Group of students engaged in a fashion studies workshop from a successful designer
Female student showing a beautiful self-designed dress - college lifestyle concept
Young students attending fashion designing workshop in casual wear
Young students taking a fashion designing class from a professional designer
Stressed Indian girl thinking deeply while sitting on a couch - white background
Young fashion designer listening to the requirements of his client
Handsome businessman dealing with his customers at a self-owned fashion studio
Young businesswoman discussing the dress pattern and style with her customer
Young female entrepreneur happily dealing with a customer at her fashion boutique
Indian army officer talking to his father and wife at the breakfast table - Serious discussion in Sikh family