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Young happy children coloring together while lying in their tent during Christmas season
An old Hindu pujari in traditional clothing doing puja in a decorated temple/mandir
Old Brahmin blowing a pooja Shankh in the temple of Vishnu Ji and Lakshmi Ji
Top view of a polluted drainage ditch full of dirty water and rubbish garbage
Pile of plastic bags, bottles, wrappers and other wastes dumped in a landfill
Long shot of an endless dumping ground full of household wastes in India
Tilt shot of toxic water flowing in a garbage dump in India - bad ecology concept
Toxic water flowing at a garbage dump polluted by mankind in India - environment concept
Young Indian man helping his son in planting a sapling in a city park - leisure concept
Indian father teaching new things to his son on a tablet - the concept of digital education
Cute little kid learning how to work on a laptop from his dad - technology invasion
Cute little child playing doctor-doctor with his dad - Doctor's role-playing concept
Indian father and son playing chess while spending time together in a park - leisure time
Attractive Indian father repairing his son's cycle on a summer day - leisure time
Indian dad comforting his injured son after he fell from his bicycle - fatherhood concept
A young attractive man gardening a little sapling with his son in a park - ecology concept
Handsome man and his kid doing yoga exercises while sitting on a yoga mat in a park
Indian father and little son doing Anuloma Viloma Pranayama together - healthy breathing
Loving parent reading interesting book to his little son - love and family concept
Young volunteer cleaning up garbage to reduce environmental issues - ecology concept
A young child standing with a signboard of "Stop Pollution" while wearing a medical mask
Tilt shot of young father and son of India standing with a "Stop Pollution" signboard
Indian man showing a slate of "Stop Pollution" text with garbage dump in the background
Closeup shot of an Indian girl reading a book very carefully - education concept
A young frustrated teenager sitting with his father at home - the lifestyle of an Indian family
Bokeh shot of a pretty Indian woman doing online shopping for Diwali - the festival of India
Indian married couple discussing their monthly expenditures - a family lifestyle
Young husband and wife fighting over money and expenses while sitting on a couch