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Young village woman working in fields - two young farmers in discussion, village family, hard work, rural lifestyle, desi life, village area, wheat farms, wheat
Medium shot of an old age Indian man suffering from extreme shoulder pain while sitting on a chair - joint pain, rural lifestyle
Young age Indian teacher taking english class in village school - government school, teaching noun, blackboard teaching
Female Indian teacher teaching basic multiplication to students - maths, mathematics class, blackboard teaching
Young female Indian teacher teaching basic mathematics in class - maths, maths class, blackboard teaching
Grey-haired Indian female suffering with severe cough and chest pain - seasonal infection, weak lungs, pneumonia
Grey-haired Indian lady suffering extreme stomach pain - upset stomach, digestive issue, abdominal pain, village home
Grey-haired Indian woman suffering from severe joint pain - knee pain, knee injury, grand mother, swollen joint
Grey-haired Indian man coughing badly - lungs infection, weak lungs, asthma, flu infection, seasonal infection
Grey-haired Indian man suffering from severe joint pain - knee pain, knee injury, village life, old age farmer
Beautiful Indian lady doctor examining an old woman in village - nurse, government hospital doctor, ilaaj
An Indian middle-aged government official verifying the details of the old lady - verification, village elections, identity proof
An Indian election officer marks blue ink on the index finger of the voter - state elections, right to vote, voting slip
Indian election officer checking the documents and applying the ink on the index finger of a citizen - general elections, democracy, poll
A young educated man with the farmer - learning use of technology, modern ways of agriculture, laptop, advanced farming, loan agent
Government official checking the voter identification cards of the active voters for voting - general elections, state elections
A government officer checking and putting ink on the index finger of an Indian female citizen - election process, first time voter
Election officer verifying identity card for Indian voter before voting - Indian democracy, voter ID verification, general elections, Indian citizens
Indian citizens standing in line and showing their voting cards to the government employees - general elections, state elections, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha
An upset young Indian man playing an esports tournament - feeling sad and disappointed after being defeated
A young Indian streamer stressed while playing a an online game - gaming room
Tired gamer getting ready to play another round of video game - online gaming technology concept, hacker, darknet, cyber security
4k video of upset, attractive young Asian woman showing thumbs-down sign gesture - expressing discontent
Pan shot of a man resting in the park after a heavy workout - wiping his sweat with a white towel
Indian man relaxing in the park after exercise - relaxation, sweating badly after physical workout, toweling off sweat, heavy exercise
A fatty man stretching in the park for fitness - open playground, body stretch, healthy lifestyle, stiff body, hard exercise
An Indian man doing yoga in the park - healthy lifestyle, fitness journey, pranayam, open public park, alternate breathing
Middle-aged man using smartphone in free time post workout - time pass, fat man, losing weight