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A tailor cutting the fabric using scissors - man using a sewing machine, tailoring concept, small job, skill-based work
A Muslim tailor sewing clothes and showing thumbs - smiling, salt and pepper, long beard, middle-aged man
A Muslim tailor posing for the camera while stitching - tailoring, growing India, economic power, financial freedom, skill based work
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, Little kids / young boys are having a bath in the river - villagers, life around water bodies, wooden boats
Indian man detangling knots in a bundle of hay - biodegradable packing, mulching material, agriculture industry
Skilled Indian factory worker cutting a wooden block - wood cutting machine, Indian craftsmanship
Alleppey, Kerala / March 2022 - A small and busy village road in the evening - local vibes, town, urban village
A closeup shot of a woman wiping her bare feet on a rucksack doormat - cleanliness and hygiene, house rules
A middle-aged beaten-up woman with bruises and scars is signalling to stop violence - assault, physical injuries
A middle-aged Indian villager is lighting a brass Diya kept on an Aarti Thali - religious faith and belief, spiritual woman
A middle-aged woman is performing Aarti at home - aarti thali, incense stick, morning prayers, religious woman, lord statue, positive aura
An attractive Indian woman in a traditional dress is putting on bangles / Chudiyan
A middle-aged female is decorating her feet with Alta - red dye, liquid color, auspicious occasion, dark skin
A middle-aged woman is putting / applying Mehendi - Indian customs, Indian rituals, auspicious, self-occupied
A middle-aged woman in her late forties is boiling the sliced potatoes and stirring - cooking vegetarian meal at dinner time
A middle-aged woman is rolling wheat dough with a rolling pin - temporary kitchen, poor family, daily wage help
A rural housewife is lighting a portable gas stove with a matchstick - financially strained family, limited resources, financial problems
A middle-aged lower-class family lady is kneading the wheat dough for Chapatis / Rotis, small house, single room, migrant worker, dark skin
A middle-aged rural housewife is cooking food at home - slicing a potato with a sharp knife, evening meal, poor family, hand to mouth
A middle-aged lady in her late forties - cleaning wheat, household daily chores, Indian home, lower middle-class single lady
A middle-aged woman from an Indian village is ironing / pressing clothes - household chores, daily wage worker
A middle-aged woman in her late forties is folding the clothes kept in a heap - household chores
An Indian woman from an Indian village is stitching clothes on her old sewing machine - small business, home-based business, skill-based work
An Indian female tailor is happily counting / calculating her money - Indian currency, small business, daily earnings, side business, home-based business
A middle-aged woman is taking the measurements - inch tape, measuring tape
A poor female farmer is talking on her mobile - use of technology, mobile use, basic mobile hand set, rented room
A villager in a traditional Saree saves her money - good agriculture, banknotes, business earnings, daily wage worker, good times
A poor middle-aged woman is putting coins inside a piggybank - future planning, financial problem, future savings