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An Indian traditional woman in a blue saree posing for the camera - sitting in the tractor, modern technology, farmer development
An insurance agent in a village home - sales man, thumbs up, selling insurance policy, farm loans, agriculture loans
Indian villager feels proud and poses with his tractor - progressive farmer, rich farmer, agricultural advancement, evolution
Young age farmer happily posing with his family - village couple, desi family, rural lifestyle, nuclear family, girl child
Indian village couple happily enjoying their leisure time on a swing - family time, quality time, husband-wife love, village lifestyle
Desi Indian farmer talking on phone in his field - village lifestyle, labor, unskilled labor, looking for work
Desi young Indian farmer using smartphone on field - modern agriculture, technology usage in rural area, slaves of technology
Young village man enjoying the fresh morning breeze of his farms with open arms - desi lifestyle, desi morning
Portrait shot of a young Indian village man doing thumbs up - rural area, village lifestyle, rural development, farming
Two desi villagers laughing together on camera - desi lifestyle, desi farmers, agriculture, jai jawan jai kisan, annadata
Young educated villager teaching grey-haired farmer - modern agriculture, tab, technology in village, advanced farming
Two village farmers discussing modern farming techniques - village life, agriculture, jai jawan jai kisan
Two desi Indian farmers in discussion - crop production, summers, paddy, wheat field, two brothers, Indian agri business
Portrait shot of grey-haired Indian farmer giving different expressions - folded hands, arrogant look, green field, village life
Two desi farmers chatting while standing in front of their farmland - two brothers
A desi Indian farmer with his wife posing happily for the camera - village life, rich village family, holding spade, farming tool
Modern villagers discussing cultivation plans in a wheat field - agriculture, farming, farmers, checking farm subsidy
A young educated man with the farmer - learning use of technology, modern ways of agriculture, laptop, advanced farming, loan agent
A young educated male with an old farmer - modern agricultural practices, better quality of crops, insurance agent, agri consultant
A tailor cutting the fabric using scissors - man using a sewing machine, tailoring concept, small job, skill-based work
A Muslim tailor sewing clothes and showing thumbs - smiling, salt and pepper, long beard, middle-aged man
A Muslim tailor posing for the camera while stitching - tailoring, growing India, economic power, financial freedom, skill based work
Kerala, India, 1st June 2022, Little kids / young boys are having a bath in the river - villagers, life around water bodies, wooden boats
Indian man detangling knots in a bundle of hay - biodegradable packing, mulching material, agriculture industry
Skilled Indian factory worker cutting a wooden block - wood cutting machine, Indian craftsmanship
Alleppey, Kerala / March 2022 - A small and busy village road in the evening - local vibes, town, urban village
A closeup shot of a woman wiping her bare feet on a rucksack doormat - cleanliness and hygiene, house rules
A middle-aged beaten-up woman with bruises and scars is signalling to stop violence - assault, physical injuries